Waiting for December 21 & Bowl Games

The College Conference Championships games are over.  The Bowl Game lineups are announced.  We have been waiting for  December 21 and the first bowl game.

We have decorated for Christmas.

Kathy's Christmas Tree ready and waiting photo by Kathy Miller

The packages are wrapped and waiting under the tree.

Packages under the tree photo by Kathy Miller

Davy Jones eyes the packages under the tree and nonchalantly averts his eyes. He has been testing the red berry wreath on the large package.

Davy Jones acting guilty after eyeing the packages photo by Kathy Miller

Davy Jones now pretends he is ignoring the packages.

Davy Jones ignoring the packages photo by Kathy Miller

Davy Jones gives up and behaves!

Davy Jones behaves photo by Kathy Miller

At least until I leave the room.

He has chewed up the small squirrel ornament, but we do have a nice large “SQUIRREL”  in the tree.  As in Christmas Vacation.

SQUIRREL in the tree ala Christmas Vacation photo by Kathy Miller“SQUIRREL!”

And Uncle Ben

"SQUIRREL" & Uncle Ben photo by Kathy Miller

While waiting for college bowl games, we have watched pro football.  I actually made it to the playoffs with my fantasy football team, but didn’t have the running backs to win.

My shopping is complete and a big thank you to all who are giving my SEC tailgating prints and cards to their SEC fans.

These special, Kathy Miller signed prints are wrapped and waiting to be delivered.

SEC tailgating prints wrapped in craft paper, tied with burlap ribbon and holly greenery with berries photo by Kathy Miller

Wrapped in Kraft paper with burlap ribbon.  Holly greenery and berries adorn each package.

Christmas is a time to celebrate being with family and friends.  Thank you for believing in the spirit of college football, college rivalries and college traditions.  Thank you for reading my tailgating tales.  Thank you for supporting my tailgating art.

Christmas mantel with SEC prints wrapped and ready to be delivered photo by Kathy Miller

Thank you to my special family and friends for sharing your tailgating stories, recipes, and traditions.





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