40 years ago, Dave and I made a commitment to each other; to love, honor and cherish one another.  Happily, we both can attest to accomplishing these ideals. Our wedding on Amelia Island has always been a fun filled remembrance.   With our 4oth wedding anniversary coming in May, we decided to throw a big party to celebrate our love with family and friends.

A little history…We were married on Amelia Island, Fl in 1984.  At the time we both lived in Knoxville, Tn and decided to marry on Amelia, vacation home of Dave’s family.  Dave’s sister, Jane, and her husband Ken were married on Amelia; in fact 5 years earlier, to the same date, same time and same church!

Kathy & Dave wedding

We had a fun filled week celebrating with family and friends, and our rehearsal dinner party was held at Walker’s Landing on The Amelia Island Plantation.  At that time it was a very rustic pavilion with picnic tables on the porch.  Now after many renovations over the years, it is a perfect wedding venue. It still maintains its rusticity, and offers amazing sunset views of the Intracoastal Waterway.  It was a no brainer for us to have our 40th anniversary party at Walker’s Landing.  We also live 3 doors down from this amazing spot.

1984 Rehearsal Dinner Party

Walker's Landing Rehearsal Party

Kathy & Lucy at wedding celebration

Kay and Van at rehearsal dinner at Walker's Landing

Walker's Landing rehearsal party Team 9

Lucy and Joe at Walker's Landing

Sunset fun

To start the Anniversary Celebration, Dave and I hosted a family get together at our home the night before the big party.   This was especially important as all our sisters and their husbands along with all nieces and nephews from both sides of our families were there. (with the exception of one niece, Sarah, who had kids conflicts at school.  We missed you Sarah and Adam!)  And all these nieces and nephews are having kids and we welcomed them all.

Our photographer, Alison Thrift, of Chloetylerphotography came early to photograph all families, together and individually.

Marsh Creek party

Family Party at Miller's

The Miller/Lovett Clan

Miller family

Dave and Kathy

Poppy & Kaki with Parks and Wynn

James and Carrie with Wynn and Parks

James & Carrie with Wynn and Parks

Lizzy, Kathy and Dave

Lizzy, Kathy and Dave

The Lovett Girls…Lucy, Kathy and Kay

The Lovett girls

And our husbands, Joe, Dave and Van

Lovett Girls with husbands

Dave with his triplet sisters, Clara, Jane and Liz

Dave with triplet sisters

And with Kathy and Ken, Jane’s husband

The Miller siblings with Kathy and Ken

The Lovett Clan…

Lovett side of the family

The Lovett Clan…The Hawkins

The Hawkins

The Lovett Clan…The Fillingims

The Fillings

The Miller Clan…The Hynsons

Hynson side of family

The Miller Clan…The MacDonalds

MacDonald Side of family

Sometimes the candid shots are more precious and Alison Thrift of Chloetylerphotography captures many such moments.

Gloria, Warren and Nora

Parks gets some fruit

Parks and his shenanigans

Ruby, Davis and Wells

Lucy, Robin and Van

Weda and Teddy

Aunt Liz and James


The Party

Marsh Creek party

Marsh Creek perfection

Caroline and Jack

Parks and his lemons

Party time

And great friends, and groomsmen on the PBR Bench…Rob, Dave and Curt

Rob, Dave and Curt on the PBR bench

With Kathy and Robin, the instigators behind the coveted PBR bench

With Kathy and Robin, the instigators behind the PBR bench

And here’s the PBR bench story

Robin and Kathy and the PBR bench

On an antiquing trip in the NC mountains, Robin and I found this old Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Bench.  My father, Jim Lovett drank only PBR beer…tallboys.  When we saw this bench we just had to have it.  It was not cheap.  I tried negotiating but the salesperson said the owner had a special fondness for that bench and he would not come off a dime.  We left the store,  went to discuss over a drink, and then Robin said, “Kathy you just have to get that bench!”  We went back to the store and paid full price,  placed it in Robin’s van and took it back up the mountain to our mountain porch.  It has been on 3 different mountain porches and now resides in our yard on Amelia.

And to this day Dave doesn’t know how much I paid for that bench.  The secret of a good, long marriage…Don’t ask!

The photo of Robin and me after securing the bench for our porch!

Original Robin and Kathy and the PBR bench


This was a memorable night for our family!  Since the children were not invited to the big party at Walker’s Landing the next night, we loved including them here at our home, which was originally Dave’s parents home.  I know Pops and Glo were watching over us and were so happy to see this amazing celebration.

Next up our 40th Wedding Anniversary party at Walker’s Landing.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Aunt Vern says:

    Kathy & Dave did a wonderful job of hosting all of us forThursday and Friday nights! Great to be with both families.

  • Leslie Terry says:

    Congratulations, Kathy and Dave! How wonderful to see all of the new little family members. Enjoy every moment…as I know you are! Miss you and wish you all the best.

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thank you Leslie. We had such fun! We miss you and remember the fun times together🧡🎉

  • Robin Leonard says:

    It was the perfect 40th celebration! As you would expect from Dave and Kathy, the parties were beautifully done from gorgeous decorations and table settings to scrumptious food and best of all such a special time with family and friends!! We were honored to be included!

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thank you Robin! You and Curt made it so special! as usual. It seems like yesterday that we all were married. 1984 was a big year. Love you 🧡💃🎉😎

  • Joy Georges McCabe says:

    I have enjoyed these pictures so much. You and Dave made such a lovely couple on your wedding day, and it was fun to see pictures of your sisters from the 80s. Was that Michelle Ressler in a picture? The pictures from your anniversary party were great too. I loved seeing your grandchildren and Lucy’s grandchildren. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thank you Joy! We had such fun with sisters and of course all the new babies. We had 4 older kids, 4toddlers and 5 babies ! and yes that was Michele in one of the pics. Hope all is well with you. 🧡🧡🧡🎉

  • Dave Miller says:

    It some ways our 40th was even more special than the wedding 40 years ago. Everyone at this event was so dear to us and represented a lifetime relationship. Our thanks and love to family and friends for making our 40th such a special time. I also must thank my wife for the amazing job she did coordinating this celebration. I love her more today than yesterday….(and you know the rest of the lyrics if you were with us)

  • Bobbie says:

    Glorious pictures of now and then.

  • Kathy Miller says:

    Thank you Bobbie!😘🧡

  • Janet Kolar says:

    Love getting to know your family more through the pictures.
    You are an example of a truly loving and lovely family passing all of that down through your 4 generation.
    So glad to see all the wonderful little ones . That is what give us so much Hope for the future.
    Congratulations on your 40th– see if you can beat us. 60th this August.

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