After  traveling to SEC tailgates throughout the South all season, I expected Dave to ask me to go to Charlotte for the ACC championship game between Florida State and his alma mater, Duke. After all we did go to Charlotte last year for Duke’s first bowl game  since the early nineties.

The Millers with The Millers

Bill, Stephanie, Kathy & Dave at Duke Bowl game Charlotte, NC photo by Kathy Miller

 Duke had an historic 10 win season.  Very few expected Duke to be in the ACC Championship Game.  Not only in the game, but also playing the number 1 ranked  Florida State Seminoles.

Wish I could say this picture was from the game in Charlotte with FSU friends Joanne and Rick. (Actually from the ACC Basketball Tournament)  But you get the picture, friends and rivals.

Joanne, Rick, Dave, & Kathy FSU Duke ACC basketball tournament photo by Kathy Miller

We decided to stay home.

Dave and his Duke flag Amelia Island photo by Kathy Miller

  We also wanted to watch the SEC Championship game between Auburn and Missouri.

I did wear my Duke colors and of course Duke buttons.

Kathy & Duke flag wearing her Duke and Beat the Noles buttons photo by Kathy Miller

Go Duke Beat the Noles photo by Kathy Miller

Duke lost to a great FSU team, who will be making the trek to Pasadena for the National Championship Game.

Missouri lost to Auburn in an exciting, lots of offense game.

“Tailgating In The Zou” painting by Kathy Miller

"Tailgating In The Zou" University of Missouri painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating At Toomer’s Corner” painting by Kathy Miller.  Prints and cards are available at Southern Crossing in Opelika, Alabama.

"Tailgating At Toomer's Corner", Auburn Alabama, painting by Kathy Miller

The Christmas season is in full swing.

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Ohio State lost to a Michigan State team who played great defense, resulting in Auburn moving up to number 2 and into the National Championship game.

 I am looking forward to upcoming bowl games and of course the National Championship game between FSU and Auburn.

I always talk about a house divided.  My friends, Joanne and Rick will definitely have their house divided.

 As avid FSU alums and supporters they will travel to Pasadena.   Their son, Eric and wife, Kari, both Auburn alums will travel with them and be rooting for Auburn.

There will be some other crazy FSU fans in California.

Leann Moore and Joanne Astor in their FSU cowboy hats photo by Joanne Astor

As for Dave and I, we will be traveling to Atlanta for the Duke/Texas A&M bowl game, joining Duke Delt friends.

Duke friends tailgating at bowl game in Charlotte photo by Kathy Miller

I saw Johnny Manziel play in his first college football game at Texas A&M.  Florida won.

“Tailgating In Aggieland” painting by Kathy Miller

"Tailgating In Aggieland" Texas A&M, Home of the 12th Man painting by Kathy Miller

 And I will see Johnny Manziel finish his college career playing against Duke.

“Tailgating Through The South” has been such a rewarding project.  What started as a vague idea about college football and tailgating became an all out passion.  What began as tailgating in the SEC quickly spurred questions and comments about other great tailgating schools.  I imagine I will continue to hear from fans requesting their schools be represented and I welcome those comments.

 Come January when all the hoopla from this college football season has died down, I will begin painting other southern schools, beginning with FSU, Duke, Clemson, and North Carolina State.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support and for all the fans who have purchased prints from your favorite schools.

Tailgating Through The SEC prints and cards photo by Kathy Miller

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Laura Huffman says:

    If friends are traveling to Pasadena and they have any questions or need anything while here, please give them my cell #. Joanne is a FB friend of mine, so she can contact me that way also. I’m not going to either game (Rose Bowl or BCS), but I’ll be in Pasadena during that time, so I’m here if anyone needs anything (except a place to stay – I have a full house!! 🙂 I wish Duke had made it to a Pasadena game, I might have seen you out here for that!! xoxo

  • sec1fan says:

    Thanks Laura. I still remember Lizzie sending me a picture from her cell phone when she was out visiting. It being small, I asked is that the Huffman house? She just laughed and texted me back, No Mom, that is the Rose Bowl! I do hope to play in a championship game in the Rose Bowl some day. Either Tennessee, Florida or Duke, whichever makes it will get me there! Dave has promised!

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