All over the country families gather to give thanks for their blessings.

Thanksgiving table with the Publix pilgrim salt and pepper shakers photo by Kathy Miller

 As our children grow up and move into the next stage of their lives, working instead of being students, I am thankful for the times we can be together.  Both Lizzie and James have chosen retail careers, which means that being together at holidays doesn’t always work. As another Thanksgiving Day with turkey and all the trimmings comes to an end

Turkey, potato stuffing and swee potato cups photo by Kathy Miller

and Black Friday is over and done with, the country and especially the South is tuned into Football and Rivalry Games.  What could be better than an Alabama/Auburn game in the traditional Iron Bowl?  Or Clemson/South Carolina game?  Instate rivalries abound.

I remember watching the movie, The Blind Side, for the first time and thinking, why is Ole Miss playing Mississippi State on Thanksgiving Day instead of on Saturday?  My mistake!  I thought only the pros played on Thanksgiving.  If you haven’t seen The Blind Side, it is a must.  I love Kathy Bates lines about Dr. Bass and the bones underneath Neyland Stadium.

The Mississippi State/Ole Miss game was quite interesting.  Ole Miss blocked a punt in the MSU end zone and scored to tie the game in the first half.  With the game in overtime,  Mississippi State on 4th and 1 goes for the touchdown instead of a field goal and wins the game.

One of my favorite paintings is “Tailgating At The Junction.”  I include Lee Hall, one of MSU signature buildings, and tailgating tents set up at The Junction.

Tailgating At The Junction Mississippi State, Starkville MS painting by Kathy Miller

Cowbells to ring MSU to victory sit proudly on tailgating tables. Cowbells are highly coveted and handed down through generations of MSU fans.

Famous Edam Cheese made and sold by MSU store.

“Tailgating At The Junction” prints are available and make perfect Christmas gifts.

 Available in 11×14 prints, $50.  Other options include 20 x24 fine art giclee prints on canvas.

  5×7 set of 5 cards for $20 make perfect stocking stuffers.

Click on above link to see options or email me for the card sets.

Mississippi State Cards and Edam cheese photo by Kathy Miller

I bought the Edam cheese at The Mississippi State Store when I visited Starkville and  plan on serving it at my next tailgate.

Many of the games on Saturday are for states bragging rights.   Florida Gators trying to pull off an upset over instate rival FSU.

Didn’t happen.  FSU looked awesome.  The Gator fans stood by their team.

Duke wins big  at North Carolina in Chapel Hill, winning 10 games for the first time ever.

I combined my tailgating colors to include both Gator Orange and Blue and Duke Blue.

Florida/ FSU game, Duke/North Carolina tailgate Thanksgiving Saturday photo by Kathy Miller

South Carolina wins over  Clemson at home, hoping to go to the SEC Championship game.  That was not to be thanks to a  convincing win by Missouri over Texas A&M.

Georgia after losing quarterback Aaron Murray to a season ending ACL injury , rallies to beat Georgia Tech in double overtime.

And the biggest game of the day,  Alabama at Auburn in the Iron Bowl.  For a college football fan with no skin in the game, I loved the intensity of the game.  Lots of offense and scoring and Big Plays.  Just a great, exciting game to watch.  Still think everyone is talking about Alabama’s missed field goal and Auburn’s return for a touchdown to win the game with only 1 second on the clock.  I feel pain for my Alabama friends.  I feel happy for my Auburn friends.  

What a day in College Football!

Prints and cards are available for all 14 SEC schools, just click on your school in orange text

5x7 cards for all 14 SEC schools photo by Kathy Miller


(For ACC fans, I will begin painting your schools in January.)

Tailgating Through The SEC prints and cards photo by Kathy Miller

Or visit or email me at for more information.

And in California, the UCLA/USC game is for LA’s bragging rights, not just instate, but in-city.  And LA is in Southern California so I can include them in the South.

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Laura Huffman says:

    What a big rivalry day all over the country! Thanks for the shout-out to us LA folks! The USC/UCLA rivalry is a big one – and UCLA won, YAYYYYY!!!

  • sec1fan says:

    I am so glad you saw this!!!!! I was shouting out to you. You have always supported me and this crazy SEC football world. Think you have a couple of teams too!

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