The University of Georgia is located in the lovely town of Athens, Georgia.  The most celebrated structure on campus is The Arch.

The Arch University of Georgia Athens Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

The Arch is the gateway separating the historic North Campus from the city of Athens.

Broad Street Athens Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

Athens Georgia photo by Kathy MillerMany beautiful buildings, including the Chapel, line the quad facing back towards The Arch.

Historice North Campus & Chapel University of Georgia photo by Kathy MillerMyth has it that students who walk under The Arch will not graduate.  The steps on either side of The Arch are worn from undergraduates choosing to go around rather than under The Arch.

The Arch University of Georgia Athens photo by Kathy Miller

After commencement, most graduates have their pictures taken walking under The Arch.  Many a wedding picture has been taken in front of The Arch.

When I started planning the Georgia tailgating composition,  I asked good friend and Georgia alum, Jim Cordell what he thought was important about the Georgia campus.  He mentioned The Arch first and then said you have to include “The Trestle” in your tailgating painting.

Up until 1981, Sanford Stadium’s east end zone was open with no seating.  The old railroad trestle is directly behind the East End Zone.  People would meet on the trestle and watch the Georgia games for free.  I imagine they enjoyed their tailgating from the high vantage point.  They became known as “The Track People”.  After the 1980 national championship season, the stadium was enclosed and no more Track People Tailgating.

Ironically, when I went to Athens to take my pictures for the painting, I turned east as I hit the campus and drove past the Trestle standing forlornly next to the stadium.

The Trestle University of Georgia Athens Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

 I parked on the sidewalk right next to the stadium, embarrassing my daughter and prompting her to say, “Mom you can’t park here.  There is a policeman right over there!”  I told Elizabeth I would ask permission.  I walked up to the patrol car.  The policeman was eating a sandwich, and after my request he said, “Go ahead”.

Sanford Stadium Athens Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

I crossed the street to take the picture from the back side of The Trestle looking toward the stadium, imagining what it must have looked like with loads of tailgaters.

The Trestle facing Sanford Stadium Athens Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating Under The Arch” painting includes both the famous Arch and The Trestle with Track People tailgating as if it were pre 1981

"Tailgating Under The Arch" University of Georgia with The Trestle painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating Under The Arch”
 would make a great graduation gift.

The beautiful North Campus is the backdrop for this tailgate.  The Georgia state fruit, the peach,  is included along with the famous Georgia Peach cocktail.

Many times I include a truck or other form of transportation in my paintings.  How about this lovely red ’57 Chevy station wagon with its tailgate down?

This photo captured from the road was my inspiration.

'57 Chevy station wagon red and white Georgia photo by Kathy Miller

When you talk to a Georgia fan you always hear the phrase, “Between the Hedges”.  I remember the first time I went to a Georgia game in Athens and saw those privet hedges.

Between the Hedges University of Georgia Athens Georgia Sanford Stadium photo by Kathy Miller

And “How ’bout them Dawgs!”

Go Dawgs University of Georgia Sanford Stadium football field photo by Kathy Miller

UGA is the most famous dog of all.  And a wonderful mascot.

Some even wear his likeness on their heads.

Tailgating dog head Georgia UGA photo by Harkleroads

Some would rather have their picture taken with him or his look alike.

Jim and UGA Georgia photo by Cordel

What is it about these cute English Bulldogs?

Tailgating with the Harkleroads University of Georgia photo by Harkleroads

Fashion is always at the forefront at a Georgia game.  Love this red and black plaid skirt.
Love this plaid Georgia skirt photo by Harkleroads

My good friend Laurie Cordell knows a few things about fashion.

Laurie Cordell Georgia Bulldog fan photo by Kathy Miller

And Recipes.  Her BBQ Green Beans are always a hit at tailgating parties.


When the time comes for my cookbook debut I will let you know.  In the meantime check out

“Let the BIG DAWG EAT…Again!”
by Loran and Myrna Smith

a collection of wonderful tailgating recipes and even better stories.

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spot.  PLEASE!

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.



  • Maureen says:

    Kathy I am so enjoying tailgating through the SEC with you via your fun and fascinating blog! Love your paintings, photos and stories.

  • sec1fan says:

    My favorite web designer..please check out her website

  • Charlie Albright says:

    Kathy, you have outdone yourself again. Have never had the privilege of going to Athens but now feel like I have been there. Love NCAA football and you are doing an amazing job of displaying Saturday excitement of the SEC to Michigan fan. Thank you for that. Charlie

    • sec1fan says:

      Thank you Charlie! I always welcome and look forward to your comments. I am going to a Michigan game one day. Always has been on my bucket list. Have to see the stadium larger than Tennessee’s.

  • Sue Braddock says:

    Another great story about tailgating — loved the information about the trestle and track people!

    • sec1fan says:

      Thank you for your comment Sue! I heard from a Tennessee alum and a recipe contributor that she had actually tailgated on that track before. She couldn’t afford the price for a ticket! What we do as starving college students.

  • Stephanie says:

    Another great story! It’s been 25 years since I’ve been to a Georgia game. You make me want to go back.

    And I am going to try the BBQ beans recipe!

    • sec1fan says:

      Thank you Stephanie!!! Let’s go to Athens. Just love Athens and I don’t get there very often because Florida always plays Georgia in Jacksonville…The Florida Georgia game is my next tailgating story..Stay tuned.

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