With the Labor Day Weekend and the opening of football season, many were engaged in family celebrations, last minute vacations and friendly football contests!

Before jumping head first into football and tailgating I wanted to continue my Dog Days of Summer story with our trip to Maine and a special visit to Monhegan Island.

Dave’s surprise birthday gift was a couple of ferry tickets and a night on Monhegan Island, 10 miles off the coast of Maine, accessible only by ferry.

Monhegan Island from the crest of the mountain photo by Kathy Miller

After reading my American Art Review Magazine, I was thrilled to discover our visit would coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 1914 Art Exhibition.  “The Famous and the Forgotten: Revisiting Monhegan’s Celebrated 1914 Art Exhibition” is on view through September 30, 2014.

The 1914 Art Exhibit was part of the 300th Anniversary of John Smith’s landing on the island.  The island residents and artist community celebrated the 400th year, the Quadricentennial in style.

Welcome to Monhegan Island 1614 -2014- Quadricentennial

Dave and I boarded the ferry at Port Clyde to journey to Monhegan Island.

Boarding the ferry at Port Clyde, Maine for Monhegan Island

The hour ferry ride brings visitors, art enthusiasts, and locals,

Taking the ferry from Port Clyde to Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

to the charming, rustic, fishing village and artist colony.

The lighthouse overlooking Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

As the ferry approaches the island loved ones gather on the pier to greet their family or guests.

The pier on Monhegan Island with waiting loved ones photo by Kathy Miller

Some even wave from the rocks to welcome new visitors.

Woman waving from the rocks Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

From the ferry landing  we caught a glimpse of  The Island Inn, our home for the night.

Island Inn on Monhegan Island, Maine photo by Kathy Miller

Luggage is loaded on rare pickup trucks to be transported to the island hotels.

There are no paved roads and very few vehicles.

Trucks waiting to take luggage to Island Inn, Monhegan Maine photo by Kathy Miller

The Barnacle is a general store and a must stop to purchase wine for dinner. The Island Inn will chill your wine,  but doesn’t include it on the menu.

The Barnacle on Monhegan Island, Maine photo by Kathy Miller

The view of the swimming beach from the dock.  I love the red house and notice the lobster traps stacked on the left.

The red house and beach on Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

Dave and I explored the village, passing the Monhegan Library,

The Monhegan Library photo by Kathy Miller

the Monhegan School (one room K-8 grade),

The Monhegan School photo by Kathy Miller

the Monhegan Lighthouse

Monheagan Lighthouse photo by Kathy Miller

Many artists have painted from this vantage point, looking back over the village, the harbor, Manana Island, the cemetery and meadows.

View of Monhegan Village, Monhegan Harbor, the cemetery, and Manana Island from Monhegan Lighthouse photo by Kathy MillerAn outbuilding behind the lighthouse showcases old ice cutting equipment with this painting of cutting the ice from the Ice Pond.  For those of you who know, Dave and I have been in the ice business.  We are always fascinated by how communities preserved food before refrigeration.

Painting on Monhegan Island depicting cutting of the ice from the Ice Pond photo by Kathy Miller

The old Monhegan Store sign.

Monhegan Store sign in ice cutting museum photo by Kathy Miller

From the Lighthouse Dave and I hiked to White Head on the east side.  Looking north we were awed by the dramatic view of Black Head.

Black Head viewed from White Head on Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

Yes we were really there.  The above photo looks like a picture from a magazine.

Kathy and Dave with view of Black Head on Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

View south to Burnt Head.

View of Burnt Head Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

 Returning to the village we enjoyed wandering among the cottages.

Lupine Gallery with villagers sharing vegetables photo by Kathy Miller

 An artist’s cottage with the loveliest hollyhocks.  Dave and I met and chatted with her the next morning about her beautiful flowers and she shared the story of putting together the art exhibit currently being held.

An artist's cottage Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

Two paintings in the exhibit were original to the 1914 Art Exhibit.  Most of the other paintings are by artists who exhibited during that time and many had paintings in the actual exhibit.

On Monhegan, some artists have viewing hours to showcase their work…in their studios or cottages.

Don Stone, artist Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller Many paintings are drawn from the everyday life of lobster and fishermen.

Lobsters for Sale Monhegan Island Maine photo by Kathy Miller

Multicolored Ropes Monhegan Island Maine photo by Kathy Miller

Buoys and Beer Monhegan Island, Maine photo by Kathy Miller

Lobster Traps Monhegan Island , Maine photo by Kathy Miller

View of Monhegan Harbor, the wharf and the village from Fish Beach.

Monhegan Island from Fish Beach, photo by Kathy Miller

Sunset from the Island Inn taken by my new found friend Wendy Meredith.

Sunset from the Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine photo by Wendy MeredithDave and I met Wendy and her husband, Cleve, on the ferry trip.  It was one of those, “I just met the most fabulous people and it was as if we had known each other for years” moment.

On my return home I discovered that all my photos from Monhegan had disappeared into cyber space.  I panicked and asked Wendy, my new friend, to email me photos.  She did immediately.  Thank you Wendy!  Fortunately with the help of  Max Your Macs, I was able to recover my photos.

The morning view from the Island Inn, overlooking the wharf,  across the harbor to Manana Island.

Looking toward Manana Island from Monhgan Island photo by Kathy Miller

Together, Manana Island and Monhegan Island form the natural harbor.

Manana Island, Maine photo by Kathy Miller

Dave and I chose to hike through Cathedral Woods, with its tall slender trees and interlacing foliage giving a feeling of arches in a cathedral, to Little White Head overlooking Squeaker Cove with towering Black Head in the distance.


View from Little White Head to Black Head Monhegan Island Photo by Kathy Miller

 My photograph below.

Squeaker Cove Monhegan Island photo by Kathy Miller

The painting below is in the current exhibit: White Surf, Monhegan Island, by Wilson Irvine.

Now I know where artists get their inspiration.  Think I need to get busy painting.

 "White Surf Monhegan Island painting by Wilson Irvine from Revisiting Monhegan's Celebrated 1914 Art Exhibition

Wilson Irvine (1869-1936)                           White Surf, Monhegan Island

 Now its time to jump headfirst into tailgating and football.

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • gina torkos says:

    Thanks for a very inspiring post! Love the photos and your comments, Monhegan Island is now on my bucket list! And now, let the games begin.

  • Wendy Meredith says:


    What a fabulous blog about Monhegan! I want to go back!
    Feeling a bit like a celebrity at the moment …..I promise I won’t let it go to my head!
    It was a magical visit to a magical island and most especially connecting with you and Dave………..very precious memories!

  • Nancy Jones says:

    So glad to see these great photos as the last and only time we were there it was so foggy that we could appreciate nothing but still loving Maine. Safe travels.

  • Janet Kolar says:

    Wow , what beautiful pictures. I would have loved that trip and all the art work.
    We visited an island off Portland, Mosier Is. with friends that own a house there
    which was such a delight this summer. Your pictures were so meaningful after
    being on the Maine Coast.
    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Kay Fillingim says:

    Loved this post. I felt like I was there with you and Dave.
    On to football…looking forward to your tailgating posts. Go Vols!

  • Laura Huffman says:

    These pictures are beautiful! It looks like a fabulous vacation! This brings back memories of being in New England with my mom when we’d go back in the summers to visit her family. No wonder even though she was a transplanted Californian her heart never left New England – it really is beautiful there. This makes me want to get back there again. Glad your birthday trip was so special, like YOU!!! xoxo

    • Thanks Heads Carolina Tails California friend! I understand about your mom’s feelings for New England and its beauty. Wish you could have been with us. Your Mom was a special person and I am glad the post triggered good memories of her. Thanks for your comment and always making sure I have my apostrophes in the right places.

  • Gloria says:

    Love the photos of Monhegan Island!

    • Thanks Gloria. Such a beautiful landscape. So different from the mountains in Vermont, but both states held great beauty and good times for us. Watch for an upcoming post on Vermont. May even include a couple of holes on the MacDonald golf course!

  • Merle says:

    Oh Kathy the photos are fabulous. Looks like you had a great trip.
    You have inspired us to go back to Maine.

  • Dickie Anderson says:

    breath taking pics of a beautiful part of the world….I always tell me people when I go to Maine is that it is one of those places that exceeds expectations!

    beautiful pics….

    • I agree with you Dickie! There is so much coastline with all the little fingers. I also love the lobstering and fishing backdrop. I always appreciate your comments.
      Keep up your good work too. I love reading your stories From The Porch!

  • Trish Dooley says:

    So glad that you and Dave got to Monhegan during your Maine trip. It’s such a special place and,being the artist that you are, I’m sure it means even more to you to have been there during that special exhibit.

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