My previous post referenced the Dog Days of Summer, those hot August days that find us waiting for back to school, back to football and back to tailgating.

 South Island Living, a publication for Amelia Island Plantation residents, featured our dock overlooking the Intracoastal waterway with our son, James and 2 special pups; Sheldon, a black mini whoodle (a miniature poodle/ wheaten terrier mix) and James’ Ralph, a french bulldog.  Talk about Dog Days.  

South Island Living publication, the Millers photo by Susan Scarborough

I only wish our daughter, Elizabeth could have been home to be included in the story.

Susan Scarborough took the amazing pictures and captured our special spot beautifully.  Susan is a talented photographer  and loves to cook.  We will be collaborating again in future tailgating  posts.


South Island Living Amelia Island Plantation article on Kathy & Dave Miller, photo by Susan Scarborough

South Island Living Amelia Island Plantation article on Kathy and Dave Miller photos by Susan Scarborough

Thank you to Brian Gilbert  and South Island Living Magazine, published by n2publishing.  Next month they will be doing a follow- up story about KathyMillerTime’s “Tailgating Through The South” project.

Living in the South is a wonderful predicament, but as all Southerners know it sure gets hot and humid.  Especially in August.   To escape the heat and to celebrate a special anniversary and birthday, Dave and I decided to visit 2 of our favorite states, Vermont and Maine.  The Green Mountains of Vermont,  surrounded by fertile valleys,

Vermont Green Mountains with cornfields in valley photo by Kathy Miller

 flowered meadows, white clapboard houses

white clapboard house in Dorset Vermont photo by Kathy Miller

 and barns of all shapes and sizes…

Red Barn on The Hollow in Dorset VT photo by Kathy Miller

Vermont barn on Dorset Hollow Dorset VT photo by Kathy Miller

 was the perfect heat getaway.  More on Vermont in my next post.

After enjoying the Green Mountains we traveled to the shore, the coastline of Maine.

I couldn’t wait to eat lobster.  I had lobster every day, every way possible.  Lobster rolls.


I found this beautiful lobster roll from Honestly Yum.

My version from Beal’s Lobster Pier.

Lobster roll from Beal's Lobster Pier Southwest Harbor Mt. Desert Island Maine  photo by Kathy Miller

Our newly met friend, Wendy Meredith’s lobster roll.

Wendy Meredith's Lobster Roll photo by Wendy Meredith 

My previous post showcased the low country shrimp boil.  Now I had to try a lobster boil.

Lobster Boils from Honestly Yum appeared on my Bloglovin’ feed

Maine lobster boil Honestly Yum blog

And I had to replicate.  

KathyMillerTime's lobster boil photo by Kathy Miller

From the cottage rock terrace, Dave and I enjoyed our lobster and lovely sunset view.

Sunset Lobster Boil in Maine photo by Kathy Miller

I found the cute lobster flour sack napkins in Southwest Harbor Maine and used them in lieu of placemats or tablecloth.

 The napkins are bright colored Walmart washcloths.  

As usual I have a story to tell about this idyllic  meal.  Dave didn’t enjoy cracking the lobster open.  He didn’t enjoy picking the meat out with a tiny pick.  He didn’t enjoy the chowder because it was clam chowder instead of fish chowder. “Clams are just tendons”.

The next home cooked lobster meal was in honor of our last night.  We bought the lobster fresh picked.  More expensive, but more enjoyable because Dave was happy!

Watch for more stories from our Vermont and Maine trip….Including a special trip to Monhegan Island to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1914 Art Exhibition.  “The Famous and the Forgotten: Revisiting Monhegan’s Celebrated 1914 Art Exhibition” is on view through September 30, 2014.

 I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table. 




  • Janet Kolar says:

    What a great post. I loved every bit of it . We visited Maine this summer as
    well and it was so Beautiful. Yes, Lots of Lobster. Your pictures terrific.
    When are you coming to Vermont to the Northeast Kingdom to visit us?
    Keep up the good work—-you are right — you can not retire!!!!

  • Dave Kempf says:

    Ha, I’m with Dave on this; I love Lobster meat but want mine either picked or “on the half shell” where it is easy to get out with a fork. As for Clam Chowder, you eat it and give me Lobster or Crab Bisque.

    Congratulations on feature of your home-very cool.

    SEC FB only 6 days away! Go Cats!

    • I love lobster and crab bisque too! You should have heard Dave. He oohed and aahed once we bought the lobster ready to go. He ate lots of Haddock and Halibut sandwiches. The fish was delicious!

  • Carson Howard says:

    Lovely family photo on your dock! Handsome son is great combination of you two. Miss you and those cool mountain hikes. Carson

  • Joanne Astor says:

    Your vacation looks wonderful. I know you both enjoyed the cooler temps. And the great hiking! The food is always a plus! Maine certainly is a destination that you can get the best. The article of your lovely home and why Amelia is so important to you is great. You addressed all the reasons to love the place we live.

    • Thanks Joanne! Have a great time in Auburn Alabama this weekend. Watch for the East Alabama Living Magazine. My Auburn painting should be in the Tailgating Then and Now feature.

  • Kay Fillingim says:

    Love the magazine article and all the pics! BTW the twins are now saying,”Go Vols”!

  • Dave Miller says:

    I am convinced that the Maine lobster pounds started this “tradition” of making the customer do all the work and promoting it as fun. I dont mind selecting my live lobster, but bring me just the meat. The halibut and haddock sandwiches and chowder were outstanding!

  • Sandy Crenier says:

    First, I thought, “that’s a painting, ooou that ‘s another painting, “‘ and then I got to the lobster and drooled. Thank’s for sharing with your art buddies!


  • Dickie Anderson says:

    Too funny that we were in Maine at the same time. Your photos are wonderful. My Picassa file is full of lobster pictures too.

    Somehow lobster anywhere but Maine never tastes the same.

    Keep up your wonderful blog and travels.

    x d

    • I thought of you when I read your wonderful story about visiting your sister in Kennebunk…I couldn’t believe we were there at the same time. Thank you for your stories. I always read From The Porch.

  • Laura Huffman says:

    Looks like your vacation in Maine was wonderful – great pics! What fun that you got featured in the Amelia Island magazine! Great pic on the cover. Of course, being the grammar queen that I am, unfortunately one of the first thing I noticed was the caption to the left of James – “Meet the Miller’s” ????????? Wow, whoever wrote/edited that doesn’t know the difference between plural and possessive?? Someone at the magazine should have seen that!! Arrrrgghhhhh!! Love the article though!! 🙂 xoxo

    • I need for you to always edit my commentary! Ouch! Love you Laura. Going to Cashiers on Tuesday…wish you were going to be there…will have good friends from Natchez visiting…hiking…eating good food…

  • Clara Miller says:

    I love the barns and white homes in Vermont. While the mountains are not as tall as those in NC the rolling hills and meadows in front of them make for such a beautiful scene. I look forward to the next post with more Vermont pictures.

  • Kay Shea says:

    I spent this morning enjoying your pictures and blog of Maine and Vermont. Lobster rolls are one of my favorites and the ones picture looked divine!! Loved the dish towel placemats.

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