During the Fall Football season, I can’t seem to keep up with all the games, the excitement and the tailgating.   Dave and my tailgating crew have traveled all over the South, looking for unique tailgating adventures.

We go to an away game and then travel to other towns and cities, visiting wonderful college campuses.

 In between these visits I have signings and shows at very supportive college football stores.

The Hen House in Highlands, North Carolina

The Hen House Highlands, NC photo by Kathy Miller

Deb Wagner and Kathy at The Hen House

Deb Wagner & Kathy at The Hen House photo by Kathy Miller

And The Plantation Shop on Amelia Island, FL

The Plantation Shops at Palmetto Walk Amelia Island Florida photo by Kathy Miller

I plan to tell my tailgating stories for each of the schools in greater detail…not always in chronological order.  Stay tuned.

 My friends, Laura and Phil Huffman and Sue and Steve Braddock recently traveled to Africa.

Giraffes in Africa photo by Laura Huffman

Friends Joanne and Rick Astor traveled to New Zealand.

New Zealand picture from

The Huffmans sailed off Catalina Island.

Catalina Island West photo

Journeys to exotic places.

 My exotic travel takes me all over the SEC!

 Baton Rouge,

Tailgating On The Bayou with Tony Chachere’s.

Tailgating On The Bayou Baton Rouge LSU with Tony Cachere's photo by Kathy Miller


The Inn at Carnall Hall, Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Inn at Carnall Hall Fayetteville Arkansas photo by Kathy Miller

and the 3 M’s Mississippi, Mississippi State and Missouri.

The Oxford Courthouse in Oxford, Mississippi, home of Ole Miss.

The Oxford Courthouse Oxford Mississippi photo by Kathy Miller

 Lee Hall, Mississippi State in Starkville

Lee Hall Mississippi State Starkville photo by Trish Dooley

The Columns, University of Missouri

The Columns University of Missouri Academic Hall photo by Kathy Miller


Roll Tide photo by Kathy Miller

and Auburn, both in A-L-A-B-A-M-A (as Forrest Gump would say).

Samford Hall, Auburn Alabama photo by Kathy Miller

The Arch at Georgia,

The Arch at University of Georgia

 The Horseshoe at South Carolina,

The Horseshoe at South Carolina photo by Kathy Miller

The boats in Knoxville

The Vol Navy in Knoxville Tennessee photo by Kathy Miller

 and The 12th Man in College Station.

The 12th Man in Aggieland College Station Texas photo by Kathy Miller

 Nashville has it’s batman building, the Ryman Theater, the original home of The Grand Ole Opry,

Bat Man Building and Ryman Theater home of the original Grand Ole Opry  Nashville Tennessee photo by Kathy Miller

and the end of The Natchez Trace (at Vandyville).

The end of The Natchez Trace Vandyville photo by Kathy Miller

 The Blue Grass Country has Memorial Hall, Keeneland Horse Racing and rolling pastures for beautiful Kentucky thoroughbreds.

Kentucky Horse Farm photo by Kathy Miller

 And let’s not forget Florida, the state I now call home.

University of Florida Auditorium photo by Kathy Miller

 The more I think about it the more I realize I have been to exotic places.

Where else could you experience an Auburn Tiger, a Missouri Tiger, a Georgia Bulldog, a Mississippi State Dawg, a Blue Tick Hound?

Smokey the Tennessee mascot photo by Joy McCabe

(now that is a creature of the wilds).

A Florida gator

Florida Gator photo by James Miller

and what about Louisiana with its own gators?  LSU built Mike the Tiger his own habitat.

Mike The Tiger LSU in his own habitat photo by

photo by

Speaking of Cats we have a Kentucky Wildcat.  More exotica with an Arkansas Razorback, a Gamecock, and a friendly looking elephant named Al. Vanderbilt has its Commodore.  I don’t know if the Commodore can be considered a wild animal, but maybe a wild admiral.

Cornelius Vanderbilt the Commodore Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee photo by Kathy Miller

And speaking of wild people, the Ole Miss Rebel, Colonel Reb,

Colonel Reb, Ole Miss Rebels photo by Kathy Miller

has been replaced by the black bear, another wild animal.  The Texas A&M Aggies are always gigging those frogs, as in Gig ’em Aggies.

Stay tuned for more exotic travels and tales.

I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


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