For those of you new to my tailgating travels,

Kathy Miller Time’s “TAILGATING THROUGH THE SOUTH” painting series celebrates the special traditions and unique tailgating spots of each of the 14 Southeastern Conference schools. I have traveled through the SEC gathering recipes from fans and alums, taking hundreds of photographs of tailgates and landmark buildings, then capturing these experiences into compositions that celebrate each school’s uniqueness.  Every painting includes a tailgate.  The paintings are meant to elicit an emotional response from that school’s fans.


After a brief stopover in Gainesville, Dave,Vern and I began our first real roadie.  We headed to the LSU / Florida game in Baton Rouge.

Dave, Kathy & Clara on the Road Again photo by Kathy Miller

First stop, Biloxi, Mississippi and the Beau Rivage.  It is a long way to NOLA and we needed a stopping point.

View from Beau Rivage, Biloxi, Mississippi photo by Kathy Miller

Pretty good spot.  We  remembered Glo and placed a few bets in her favorite casino.

Dave, Clara & Kathy at Beau Rivage, Biloxi, Mississippi photo by Kathy Miller

Met the nicest LSU fans, in town to celebrate Cruisin’ The Coast, a car festival celebrating antique, classic and hot rod cars.

LSU fans at Beau Rivage, Biloxi, Mississippi photo by Kathy Miller

Next Stop, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana photo by Kathy Miller

I imagine New Orleans is the Friday night stop for most fans before an LSU game in Baton Rouge.  We saw plenty of Gators and even had a parade with a blow up Al, the Gator mascot.

New Orleans Gator Parade photo by Kathy Miller

Gator parade with green alligator beads for fans.

Gator Parade New Orleans photo by Kathy Miller

After our first Louisiana beer and lunch at Napoleon House,

Louisiana Pale Ale at the Napoleon House in New Orleans photo by Kathy Miller

We caught up with Rachel and James on Bourbon Street.

Our Gator group on Bourbon Street

Our New Orleans Gator contingence on Bourbon Street

Gator Contingence on Burbon Street in New Orleans photo by Kathy Miller

Dinner was celebrated at Galatoire’s, also on Bourbon Street.

Galatoire's on Bourbon Street New Orleans photo by Kathy Miller

Such a festive atmosphere with wonderful redfish and crab entrees.

Clara & Dave at Galatoire's in New Orleans photo by Kathy Miller

Bright and early Saturday morning  was travel time.  Destination, Baton Rouge and Tiger Stadium.  After arriving at our parking spot on campus we walked to the WWI Memorial Tower  in the center of the LSU campus.  The inspiration for my “Tailgating On The Bayou” painting, I couldn’t wait to see the Parade Grounds filled with tailgating Tigers.

Memorial Tower and Stadium on the Parade Grounds photo by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating On The Bayou”   painting by Kathy Miller features the Tower, the outer Quad buildings and Tiger Stadium.

Tailgating On The Bayou paintng by Kathy Miller

The tailgate includes “The Trinity”, onion, green pepper and celery.

The recipes include some of the most famous Louisiana cuisine, jambalaya, muffalettas, crawfish, gumbo and blackened alligator, (this recipe from the famous The Chimes).

The Chimes in Baton Rouge home of blackened aligator photo by Kathy Miller

I always wear my Tennessee button and Gator Mom button and continued the tradition at LSU.

Clara, Dave and Kathy LSU Parade Ground & Memorial Tower photo by Kathy Miller

One fan was busy stirring a pot of Gator Picadillo.  I thought it was Jambalaya but he said “No Picadillo!”  This is a Cuban comfort food and my guess is he wanted to serve up some Gator tail ala Florida style.

Gator Picadillo in Black Iron Pot LSU game photo by Kathy Miller

Tailgating in Louisiana is most unique.  Louisiana cuisine is so distinctive.  All schools have barbecue, hammies, slaw and all the usual fixings, but due to the Cajun and Creole influences, there is nothing like Louisiana cooking!  I will not try to give lessons on the differences between the two, but think French influence, as in Geaux Tigers.  The Trinity is involved in so many dishes, the Trinity being not the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, but onions, green peppers and celery.

Another Gator Tail on the Grill.

Aligator Tail at LSU photo by Kathy Miller

Loved this LSU fan’s colors, hat and boots.

LSU Tailgater photo by Kathy Miller

We had a great time walking the LSU campus and visiting  with LSU fans.

Tiffany & Michelle underneath the Miller Time banner photo by Kathy Miller

It’s Miller Time with Tiffany and Michelle. They had fantastic tiger markings painted on their faces.

Loved this Tailgating Van.

Tailgating Van Geaux photo by Kathy Miller

Van Geaux, an original.  Just so clever.

Van Geaux an original photo by Kathy Miller

Tiger Stadium, Death Valley

Tiger Stadium Death Valley LSU photo by Kathy Miller

Mike the Tiger, LSU famed mascot has his own special habitat.

Mike the Tiger's Habitat LSU photo by Kathy Miller

These Gator fans were chomping outside Tiger Stadium.

Gators Chomping Outside Tiger Stadium LSU Baton Rouge LA photo by Kathy Miller

This LSU fan just ignored them and rode his tiger.

Riding Mike the Tiger at LSU photo y Kathy Miller

Don’t know if this LSU fan is that fond of Gator chomping.

Gator Chomping with the LSU Tiger photo by Kathy Miller

I loved these Flower Children.

LSU girls all decked out with their dresses and hair photo by Kathy Miller

James and his friends came by bus from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.  The bus deposited them in the middle of LSU tailgating parties.  A wonderful group of LSU fans invited them to join their tailgate.  We made our way to their tailgate and met some of the nicest fans.

Allen Hollingsworth, an avid LSU fan and tailgater with Rachel and James.

Allen, Rachel & James LSU fan & Gators together photo by Kathy Miller

Billy Knoles, Nancy Anderson, Charla Durham and Brenda Knoles welcomed us with open arms.  Had the best time visiting with them and sharing tailgating stories.

Billy, Nancy, Charla and Brenda with Kathy at LSU tailgate photo by Kathy Miller

Their tailgating food was delicious.  Billy and Brenda had made wonderful BBQ pulled pork sliders with gator tail added for flavor and a good story.  Also tasted the most delicious Boudin Balls.  These were similar to pigs in a blanket but with boudin sausage, spices and cheese.  Would love to have that recipe!

After all the wonderful hospitality I thanked Nancy, Charla and Brenda with my “Tailgating On The Bayou” cards.


Another LSU fan, Karee was interested in my Gator Mom button.  Even though she was decked out in her LSU colors and had an LSU student, she also admitted to being a Gator Mom too.

Two Gator Moms in different colors photo by Kathy Miller

Billy came to LSU from Texas.

Rachel, James & Billy at LSU tailgate photo by Kathy Miller

 Mellie and Amanda joined our tailgate.

Mellie and Amanda joined our tailgate

Just a great time making new friends at a LSU tailgate.

Our Gator group with LSU tailgate photo by Kathy Miller

I love the LSU fan putting his cap in our photo.

Game time.  Tiger Stadium.

Tiger Stadium LSU photo by Kathy Miller

Inside Tiger Stadium.  Death Valley.

Inside LSU, Tiger Stadium photo by Kathy Miller

I always love the bands especially the drums.

Gator drummers at LSU photo by Kathy Miller

And LSU’s “Golden Band from Tigerland”

LSU's Golden Band from Tigerland Baton Rouge photo by Kathy Miller

LSU has many wonderful traditions led by their band.  When the defense makes a great play such as a turnover or causes a 4th down, the band plays Chinese Bandits and the fans bow to the defense.  There are also cheers for each down.  The first down cheer is  a sequence from Hold That Tiger and the fans yell Geaux Tigers.  The second down cheer is a typical sequence with woo woo LSU.  The third down cheer is “Eye of the Tiger”.  I am impressed that they can keep up with all this.

LSU Tiger Band in Baton Rouge photo by Kathy Miller

Such a treat.

Pregame fireworks LSU photo by Kathy Miller

Geaux Tigers!

Geaux Tigers LSU Baton Rouge LA photo by Kathy Miller

Ditto Go Gators!

Gators at LSU photo by Kathy Miller

On a very hot, humid afternoon the Gators lost.  Even with a loss we all agreed the experience was tremendous.  Beautiful campus, great tailgating, fabulous food and wonderful Tiger fans.

Miller Time on the LSU Quad photo by Kathy Miller

Miller Time on the Quad.

Miller Time on The Quad LSU Baton Rouge photo by Kathy Miller

Back to quieter times on the LSU parade grounds.  My inspiration.

Memorial Tower on a quiet LSU day photo by Kathy Miller

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Dave Kempf says:

    No doubt about it the Cajun Cuisine in LA is second to none. This trip sounds like a trip I need to get on my bucket list.

  • Vern says:

    No Doubt LSU Fans are the BEST!! I wish the Gators had played better but overall a great trip.

  • sec1fan says:

    It is definitely a bucket list stop. Even in the stadium they serve gumbo and jambalaya along with hot dogs of course. Thanks for your comment Dave.

  • sec1fan says:

    You are the best traveling and tailgating companion Vern. Get ready for TWLOCP. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Nov 2!

  • Kay says:

    I’m getting educated about SEC traditions. Seeing the pic at Galatoire’s brought back memories of our family trip to New Orleans when the girls were teenagers.

    • sec1fan says:

      Kay, Know you love New Orleans and have visited many times. We loved Galatoire’s. Wish you were on the tailgating trail with us. Had such fun traveling with you to Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

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