Pick Your Own Blueberries On The Blueberry Ranch in Yulee, FL

I just had the best day!  Picking blueberries at The Blueberry Ranch.

My father-in-law (known as Pops in all my tailgating stories) decided to open a blueberry farm on property that he and Dave owned.  In an age when everyone wanted to build new housing developments, they decided to go organic and plant blueberry bushes.  6,000 bushes!

They turned to Wayne Bunk to do the planting, watering, nurturing, and overseeing.

This is our haul after just 45 minutes!  (Love the orange buckets).

Pick Your Own Blueberries from The Blueberry Ranch in Yulee FL photo by Kathy Miller

Before any of you make any comments about my blueberry picking outfit…all white….cute sandals….dangling earrings…

Blueberry Picking Time on The Blueberry Ranch in Yulee, FL photo by Kathy Miller

I did not know I was going blueberry picking….but I am always a trooper!Kathy Miller and her bucket of blueberries photo by Kathy Miller

This bush is 5 years old.  The first plants were tiny 12 inch plants.  You can see all the ripe and soon to be ripe berries.5 year old Blueberry Bush from The Blueberry Ranch in Yulee FL photo by Kathy Miller

We have many less mature plants.  All have to be hand picked at this time until the plants are larger.  Even then there is something about hand picking… soothes the soul…great therapy.

Wayne swears by letting the fresh picked blueberries sit for 3 days before refrigerating or freezing….believes they get sweeter.Blueberries on the 3rd Day photo by Kathy MillerOurs weighed out at just over 7 pounds.7 1/2 pound of blueberries picked in 1 hour photo by Kathy Miller

James, Dave and Wayne.James, Dave and Wayne Bunk weighing the blueberries photo by Kathy Miller

Freezing the blueberries make great treats.  Just pop a couple in your mouth!Frozen blueberries after resting for 3 days photo by Kathy Miller

This project is a family affair.  Josh has been there with his dad every step of the way.

Josh Bunk after fertilizing blueberry bushes photo by Kathy Miller

Sophie learns at an early age to pick blueberries with her grandparents, Bobby and Oupa.

Sophie picking blueberries at The Blueberry Ranch photo by Merle

Sophie picks blueberries with hear orange bucket photo by Merle

Sophie learns to make blueberry muffins. Talk about Farm to Table!

Sophie making Blueberry Muffins photo by Merle

Oh my blueberries!Farm to table blueberries photo by Kathy Miller

Laura, where are you when I need a blueberry pie?

For my Amelia Island and Jacksonville neighbors, visit The Blueberry Ranch on Facebook or even better go to the farm this Saturday or Sunday, 9-3. On Highway 17 just east of I95.  We are at the peak!

Watch for upcoming stories from my summer travels,  NC mountains, Vermont and Maine.

 I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • lynda middlemas says:

    So glad to know about the blueberry farm. We’re in Charleston and tried to visit the dive you suggested but they are not open for lunch. Bummer! And, yes, you are a trooper! Had to be hot out there in the field!

    • Sorry Bowen’s Island Restaurant was not open for lunch. Laura and I ate a cute French restaurant for lunch..Fast and French (Gaulart & Maliclet) at 98 Broad Street. Had a lunch special that incuded wine.
      Have fun in Charleston.

  • Dave Kempf says:


    On two separate trips to Jekyll & St Simons I have stayed at a Hampton Inn in Yulee, FL. The first time my trip was unexpected & I booked over the phone having no real idea of where Yulee was, only that it was 45 minutes to an hour from Jekyll Island. The people in the area are super friendly.

    Thanks for sharing the Blueberry story-looks like work to me.


  • Charlie Albright says:

    Looks terrific. I eat blueberries every morning in either plain yogurt or cereal. They are sooooo good for you. Thank you for sharing. One of your greatest fans

  • joyce says:

    Well this was great but tough LOL

  • Nina Johnson says:

    Wow Kathy -this is great !
    The blueberries are mouthwatering in the pictures!

  • Gloria Jackson says:

    My husband and I live on Amelia Island. We are from Atlanta and Augusta GA, and frequently visit Thomasville Ga where my sister lives so we travel up and down 17 often. I was totally excited when I noticed your “you pick it” farm! I went to a small boarding school in north georgia and I worked on the farm the summer prior to my first year there to help with my tuition. One of my main duties was picking blueberries. I remember the huge bushes and feeling like I was playing hide and seek going all through them. I also remember getting the tops of my ears and the part of my hair blistered from being out in the sun so long. It was h*** work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!! My mom always had blueberries from up there in the freezer, and we had the best blueberry pies. Husband and I lived in Ohio for a period of time. I once attended a cooking class put on by a specialty grocery store featuring pastry chef Nick Malgieri. One of his features was a blueberry pie. Best I EVER had! Most different was the sweet crust! Anyway, I am looking forward to blueberry season. See you then!!!

    • Thank you for your comment and rememberances of your blueberry picking days. The blueberry farm should be reopening sometime in April when the berries will be ripening. Lots of hard work picking but sure feels nice having lots of fresh berries and a freezer full for later enjoying. Will be open on weekends for picking. I will do a post when the farm opens!

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