Father’s Day is a special time.   A time to celebrate the fathers who spend hours patiently teaching the important lessons in life. Like how to camp.

Granddaddy Jim around the campfire

 To sing songs around the camp fire.  

Strumming the Old 6 String Jim Lovett photo by Kathy Miller

To bait a hook on a long ago fishing trip.

Dad & Kay fishing photo by Kathy Miller

 To shuck oysters….and eat them raw.

Jim and Glen shucking oysters photo by Kathy Miller

To sing a little barbershop.

Singing Barbershop's Side By Side photo by Kathy Miller

To carve a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey with Dad and Mom photo by Kathy Miller

 Or to host a Gay Nineties party and then serve the Turkey.

Jim and Uhlma at Gay Nineties party photo by Kathy Miller

To have fun on the farm 

Fun On The Farm Ye Olde BB&B Reunion photo by Kathy Miller

 To kill dangerous snakes that threaten your family.

The dangerous snake that didn't get away photo by Kathy Miller

To go to football games.  Yes, that is a Gator on Pop’s head.

Pops and George going to Florida Ohio State game with Gator on head  photo by Kathy Miller

To do it yourself jobs like painting.

Pops and Glo look at their handiwork  job well done photo by Kathy Miller

To play cards. 

Pops playing Spades with Glo, Liz and Kathy photo by Kathy Miller

To sport a bow tie.

Pops sports a bow tie. Photo by Kathy Miller

To teach your son to sport a bow tie… in his own style.

Dave Miller How to sport a bow tie. Photo by Kathy Miller

3rd generation bow tie sporting…and a funny santa hat. 

Dave Miller James Miller bow tie santa hat. Photo by Kathy Miller

To laugh.

Shoemaker Photo by Kathy Miller

To celebrate new life.

01-12-2007 03;38;02PM

To reminisce as one grows older.

Nick and Warren Hynson Ben Hynson Photo by Kathy Miller

To continue old family traditions…

Vermont 036

And create some new ones, like…9 holes of golf in the meadow.  Love the flag.

Image 42

To play at the beach.

Kay Fillingham Photo By Kathy Miller

To create the special magic of Santa Claus.

01-12-2007 03;02;52PM

To enjoy life…


And look suave in the process.


In honor of my father Jim Lovett (or to many young people  Mr. Lovvvvveeettttt!!!!!) I am including his method for grilling a steak.  His method meant his girls doing the honors.

He only used charcoal.  He devised a smokestack made by cutting out the bottoms from 2 Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco cans and attaching the 2 together.  Charcoal was placed in the smokestack and lit.  After smoldering for 30 minutes the tobacco cans would be removed, and the red hot coals spread over the bottom of grill.

Next came the 1- 1/2 inch thick sirloin steak (A young family of 5 couldn’t afford fillets or rib eyes).

Season with garlic salt, black pepper and worcestershire sauce.

Place on hot grill, cook 2-1/2 minutes (We timed it exactly using his wristwatch’s second hand).

Turn, cook 2-1/2 minutes.

Turn, cook 2-1/2 minutes.

Turn, cook 2-1/2 minutes

For a total of 10 minutes.

I have never had a better steak..and we didn’t even know it was a sirloin.


Watch for upcoming stories from my summer travels.

 I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.



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