Cherry/Berry Puff Pastry photo by Susan Scarborough via KathyMillerTime

Dog Days of Summer are here and I asked Susan Scarborough, talented artist, chef and photographer, for some great food ideas for these last hot days of summer.  She shared her Cherry Berry Tart recipe and I thought it was a great way to use those last summer berries.  Could use blueberries from Maine or North Carolina, blackberries or strawberries.

I love Susan’s enthusiasm and tips for making these easier to make.

“If puff pastry is your friend. Real butter puff pastry is your BFF! This stuff makes easy work of breakfast, dessert, pastry, appetizers and even main dishes. If you follow a few simple rules, you can be fearless.

First, thaw according to package directions.  Next, make sure the oven is preheated to the recommended temperature. That’s it!

Other tips that are helpful? Use a sharp knife that does not compress the flakey layered edge when cutting and cover loosely with foil if your creation is browning a little quickly. Sometimes a beautiful golden puff of goodness conceals a slightly undercooked inside.

As I hinted at above, it is worth the time (and extra $$) to seek out real, or all butter pastry. A bargain in taste satisfaction even at about double the price of the more common grocery brand. Here is my recipe for “Faux-make” cherry berry tarts. But I have also filled with a few shards of Manchego or Brie cheese and a dollop of fig preserves and or fresh figs brushed with honey and garnished with fresh thyme; sautéed apples; or pretty much anything sweet or savory, including leftovers!”



  • 14 to 16 oz. frozen puff pastry, thawed using package recommendations
  • 3/4 cup each cherry pie filling and fresh berries, such as blueberries.
  • Tablespoon of butter
  • Tablespoon of warm apricot jam or powdered sugar for dusting


  1. Mix cherry filling and berries in a medium bowl.
  2. Place pastry on clean pastry board or counter dusted with a little flour.
  3. Cut pastry into six squares or rectangles.
  4. Spoon about 1/4 cup of the filling into the center of each, dot with butter.
  5. Pull up corners and pinch slightly in center. They will “puff” open when baking.
  6. Place in preheated oven, for about 20-24 minutes.
  7. Remove and brush with warm jam or cool slightly and dust with sugar.
  8. Or swap out jam for a wash of egg and a sprinkle of herbs if using a savory filling.


Easily make minis for finger food by cutting smaller squares. Sounds like these could be good at a tailgate!

By Susan Scarborough via KathyMillerTime


Recipe Printed from

Thank you Susan for your great recipe and photography.

Susan Scarborough is a talented photographer, artist and chef. Her website, showcases her many images.  People, families and dogs along with architecture and food photography are Susan’s specialties.

Susan Scarborough, photo by Susan Scarborough

As many of you know, I won’t be cooking in my kitchen for awhile…

Major right-sizing going on.  Dave and I sold our home on the marsh

Marsh Creek View photo by Kathy Miller

and have moved into a beautiful condo on the beach.

The view after last night’s storm.

Ocean view from our home photo by Kathy Miller

We have completed Phase I of the renovation.  Phase II (tearing out the old kitchen) is about to begin.

Watch for upcoming stories about Right Sizing, and how to survive major renovations. #1 love your builder and interior designers.

I’ll keep you posted.  Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.

(Which table?)

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