The Palace Saloon On A Friday Night Before The Florida Georgia Game

The Florida Georgia game is unique in that it is played every year at a neutral site, Jacksonville, Florida.

 Equal number of tickets are allotted to each school.  The stadium is evenly divided.  One side orange and blue,

the other side red and black.

Many Georgia fans stay on Amelia Island, which is very close to the Florida/Georgia border.

The watering hole on Amelia Island is the Palace Saloon, the oldest bar in Florida.

The Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach Fl photo by Kathy Miller

It has the old Saloon doors, leading into a beautiful bar with fabulous murals on the walls.

The Palace Saloon with doors photo by Kathy Miller

 Lizzy and Pops 

Celebrating Elizabeth's 21st birthday with Pops at the Palace Saloon photo by Kathy Miller

We celebrated Elizabeth’s 21st birthday at the Palace.

Elizabeth celebrates her 21st birthday outside the Palace Saloon photo by Kathy Miller

We will be serving Pirate’s Punch at our tailgate.  Secret recipe.

Elizabeth and Kathy with Palace Saloon t shirt photo by Kathy Miller

A Georgia fan arrives early.  Love this car.

The Georgia Red Convertible at the Palace Saloon photo by Kathy Miller

The Palace welcomes dogs.

Palace Saloon's patron leaves with his dogs photo by Kathy Miller

Susan Scarborough captures my Tailgating Through The South paintings.  11 of them…Vandy, Kentucky and Florida grace another wall.

KathyMillerTime's 14 original SEC Tailgating paintings photo by Susan Scarborough

Come on down to Amelia and The Plantation Shops.

Loran Smith will be signing copies of his new book, “Spread Formation:  Tailgating & Home Recipes From College Football Greats!”

Cover of Loran Smith's Spread Formation Tailgating Recipes cover by Loran Smith and Whitman Publishing

I will be there too, signing my “Tailgating Through The South” prints and just enjoying talking about tailgating tips.

Kathy Miller interview by Kelly Hawkins for The Tailgate Tour photo by Kathy Miller

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


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