I started a full blown discussion of the best, most famous  college football radio broadcasters with my post about the University of Georgia’s beloved Larry Munson.

Loran Smith was in town for the Florida/Georgia game and we met up at The Plantation Shop during a book signing for his new book, A Letter To Larry and Other Memories of Georgia’s Legendary Announcer Larry Munson. 
Kathy and James Miller visit with Loran Smith at book signing at Plantation Shop photo by Lynn Tennille

Loran Smith and Kathy Miller at The Plantation Shop Amelia Island photo by Lynn Tennille

 In case you missed the earlier video with Loran reading his Letter To Larry, you can check it out again!

 Thanks to all who stopped by to chat and reminisce with Loran.

I am reading the book as we speak and it will make a great Christmas gift for all Georgia fans.

I also posted about Tennessee’s famed play by play announcer, John Ward and his “Give him 6…Touchdown Tennessee!” calls…

In an era of numerous football games being televised every gameday we may forget how important the radio was to visualizing the action on the field.  Unless you were at the game, you tuned in to your local college radio network, listened to the play by play and color from fabulous radio voices.

As Kenny Chesney so aptly put it “Your voice was our eyes and we could see, Touchdown Tennessee”.

After posting these videos, I received an outpouring from my readers about their favorite sports broadcasters…

Charlie Albright, my Michigan buddy, said you have to listen to Bob Ufer, the famed University of Michigan broadcaster.

Here you go Charlie!

1973 Ohio State/Michigan

“And they’re tearing down Michigan’s coveted M club banner.  They will meet a dastardly fate here for that.  There is no Michigan man in the stadium who wouldn’t like to go out and scalp those Buckeyes right now”…

 “The M men will prevail because they’re getting the banner back up again.  And here they come”…

“From the coast of Lake Michigan to the Coast of Lake Eerie, what a football game we’re going to have here this afternoon!”

Think I like it!  Actually I love it!

Let me hear from you on your favorite broadcaster….or your favorite school tradition.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Charlie Albright says:

    Hi Kathy. I remember that incident like it was yesterday. I have several CD’s capturing Bob Ufer’s greatest moments. We were at his final game when he was being honored in the press box but unable to broadcast. He was recognized by the 105,000 fanatics. As the crowd sang “The Victors” there was not a dry eye in the stadium. He waved, as he could barely speak, the cheering and ovation was deafening. Thanks for honoring the greatest “M” fan.

    • Thank you Charlie for your comment!!! I know how you love Michigan and celebrate the traditions. I would have cried right along with you if I had been there. Just love fans like you!

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