Larry Munson was the beloved radio voice of Georgia Bulldogs football for 43 years. His righthand man was sideline announcer Loran Smith, who in this book reflects on his fondest memories of his old friend. Also reminiscing about Munson are Vince Dooley, Bill Hartman, Sonny Seiler, Herschel Walker, Tony Barnhart, many fellow announcers and fans. Larry’s sons, Michael and Jonathan, also provide tributes to their late father, and family photographs never seen before by the public. Take a walk down memory lane with Loran as he looks back at the incredible life of Larry Munson.

A Letter to Larry written by Loran Smith photo courtesy of Loran Smith

 With the upcoming Florida/Georgia game set for October 31 in Jacksonville, FL, our Amelia Island will be hopping with lots of Georgia fans.

Loran Smith will be signing copies of this new book at The Plantation Shop at Palmetto Walk on Friday, Oct. 30…11-2.

He will also be signing copies at G J Ford’s on St. Simon’s Island at 4 pm same day.

Come meet Loran and get your signed copy!

Last week I included a video of Larry Munson’s famous “Run Lindsay ” commentary and think you might like to view it again.  This will get all you Bulldogs ready for the Florida/Georgia game!

Larry Munson Week – Run, Lindsay! from The UGA Vault on Vimeo.

During the early years of football (before televised games on numerous cable channels) fans could picture the action on the field through the “voices” of radio broadcasters.

Some of my earliest football memories in Knoxville were of radio sportcaster, John Ward’s play-by-play calling of the Tennessee games.  John would say, “It’s football time in Tennessee”, and everything else stopped. I still get cold chills remembering John exclaiming,”Give him 6! Touchdown Tennessee!”

Kenny Chesney wrote a tribute to John Ward when he retired, Touchdown Tennessee.   “20-15-10 and 5 your voice was our eyes and we could see.  Touchdown Tennessee.”

Enjoy the video below…John’s “It is Gault pulling it down at the 6! Gault 10 -15- 20-Gault outside 25  Gault 30 Gault 35 Gault 40 Gault 45-50-45-40-Yes Sir!  Willie Gault, ladies and gentlemen, is running all the way to the state capital.  Give him 6! Willie Gault!

I’ll be thinking of this song and John’s voice as Tennessee takes on Alabama this Saturday.

Who is your favorite radio voice?

Be sure to stop by The Plantation Shop on Friday, Oct. 30 to get your signed copy of Loran Smith’s “A Letter To Larry”.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Dave Miller says:

    All of us who grew up in the 70s didn’t have the luxury of watching our teams on TV. Therefore, we relied on our home team radio broadcasters to share the experience on the field. Larry Munson and John Ward were two of the very best in their trade. They were much more than play by play announcers. As Kenny Chesney’s lyrics say ” they were our eyes and we could see”. Living in Knoxville from 1979-89, I was a big Tn fan and treasured John Ward’s distinctive and infectious play calling. So in tribute to John (and Kenny) I say “Thank you John”

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