In a previous post I told you about meeting Vermont artist Peter Huntoon.  

I look forward to his weekly email showcasing his new painting of the week.  This week’s painting is Waite Hill Farm and its fabulous barn.  

This barn is  en route to one of my favorite hikes, Haystack Mountain.  I love to take photos of barns and couldn’t resist this one.

Barn near Haystack Mountain Vermont photo by Kathy Miller

 After posting this photo on my The Green Mountains of Vermont story, Peter asked for the location.  And Voila…

His wonderful interpretation…Waite Hill the lights and darks and the shadow play!

Waite Hill Farm barn painting by Peter Huntoon

From Peter’s A Day In Vermont

Waite Hill Farm

Art is one conspiracy theory that I like to believe.

While artwork is often created in solitude, most artists know that inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone.

My co-conspirators here were friends and fellow artists. Kathy Miller pointed me to the scene and Gary Eckhart joined me to paint.

It’s all connected, and so are we.

Visit Peter’s A Day In Vermont to bid on this beautiful painting.



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