KathyMillerTime Father’s Day And Graduation Giveaway

 Kathy Miller Time will be giving away one 11×14 poster print to a lucky winner.  The winner will get to choose his or her favorite SEC school tailgating print. Details below.

First a little history about Tailgating Through The South painting series…

 After years of rooting for my favorite team, the Tennessee Volunteers, attending Florida games as a Gator Mom, and traveling around the South going to Away games, I embarked on a painting project that celebrates the special school traditions and rivalries in college football.

Tailgating With The Vol Navy painting by Kathy Miller

 Kathy Miller Time’s “Tailgating Through The South” painting series celebrates the traditions and unique tailgating spots of each of the 14 Southeastern Conference schools.  I have traveled through the SEC gathering recipes from fans and alums, taking hundreds of photographs of tailgates and landmark buildings, then capturing these experiences into compositions that celebrate each school’s uniqueness.  Every painting includes a tailgate.  The paintings are meant to tweak your emotions.

A Tailgating Through The SEC print, painted by Kathy Miller.  Choose from all 14 SEC schools pictured below.

To enter the giveaway…

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 2.  Get at least one friend to sign up for the Tailgating Through the South Blog.  The more friends you get to sign up, the more times your name (and theirs) will go into the drawing.  Be sure to let me know via a quick email any friend you sign up. kathy@kathymillertime.com

3.  Finally post a comment in the comment section below telling me your favorite school or painting.

****For those of you already subscribed,  skip to step 2 and  make sure you comment on this post telling me your favorite school or painting!

 The contest will go through next Thursday, June 5, 2014

All 14 Paintings

“Tailgating On The Quad”- Alabama

Tailgating On The Quad painting by Kathy Miller

Tailgating At Toomer’s Corner” -AuburnTailgating At Toomer's Corner painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating In The Ozarks”- Arkansas

Tailgating In The Ozarks painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating In The Swamp”- Florida

NEW TAILGATING IN THE SWAMP 8X10_CPS“Tailgating Under The Arch”- Georgia

Tailgating Under The Arch painting by Kathy Miller“Tailgating In Kentucky Blue Grass Country”-Kentucky

Tailgating In Kentucky Blue Grass Country painting by Kathy Miller“Tailgating On The Bayou”- LSU

"Tailgating On The Bayou painting by Kathy Miller “Tailgating In The Grove”- Ole Miss

Tailgating In The Grove painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating At The Junction”- Mississippi State

Tailgating At The Junction painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating In The Zou”- Missouri

Tailgating In The Zou painting by Kathy Miller“Tailgating With The Cockaboose Railroad”- South Carolina

Tailgating With The Cockaboose Railroad painting by Kathy Miller

“Tailgating With The Vol Navy”- Tennessee

Tailgating With The Vol Navy painting by Kathy Miller“Tailgating In Aggieland”- Texas A&M

Tailgating In Aggieland painting by Kathy Miller“Tailgating In Vandyville”- Vanderbilt

Tailgating In Vandyville painting by Kathy Miller Choose your favorite and enter contest.

Just in time for Father’s Day or for your high school grad getting ready to attend an SEC school, or for that recently graduated SEC alum….. a perfect gift….not the usual run of-the-mill tie or towels for the dorm room, or $dollars in a card…. Click here to Shop Gallery.

And with my usual sign off…

Watch for upcoming stories from my summer travels.

 I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • James says:

    Clearly the photo of Century Tower and Mr. Two Bits is the best!

  • Clara Miller says:

    My favorite team is Florida but my favorite painting is Tailgating in Kentucky Bluegrass Country!


  • Darleen Robertson says:

    Kath ~ They’re ALL beautiful and until you have DUKE available, I’d going to pick VANDERBILT as my favorite. Our son went there and he’s getting married in October ~ wouldn’t that be a wondeful wedding gift. Hope your summer travels are wonderful ~ headed to Erie, PA next week for 5 weeks on the lake, can’t wait! Enjoy ~ Darleen

    • sec1fan says:

      I am actually working on the Duke painting right now! Vanderbilt is a great school and that painting is one of my favorites. The bat man building in the background, the Purple Orchid and music row buildings, also in the background. The Natchez Trace is closed to traffic on Saturdays to form Vandyville for tailgating…all right outside the stadium. Congrats on your son’s wedding plans…We’ll discuss a print for a gift!

      Thanks for your comment and you will be entered into the giveaway.

  • KK Moore says:

    Go Vols! They will ALWAYS be my favorite! 😀

    • sec1fan says:

      Love The Vols too. Can’t wait to go to the Florida Tennessee game in Knoxville this year. Thanks for being a subscriber and for commenting!

  • Dave Kempf says:


    You already know I’m a UK fan & treasure my UK painting. No need to enter me for another. I will comment & say while each painting is unique & special I believe your SC is especially cool (after UK of course). Keep up the good work-only 3months till SEC football.Go Cats!

  • Dave Kempf says:

    Clearly Clara. Miller has great taste!

  • Bonnie Foster says:

    Go Gators

  • Sister Kay says:

    I’m with Vern….love the Kentucky painting, since I participated in that Road Trip!

    • sec1fan says:

      Interesting that the kentucky painting has received more votes than the others. My email responses agree with that too (by a slim margin)

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