Ask any Florida fan about the name of the big game in Jacksonville,  and they will say Florida-Georgia game.  Ask any Georgia fan and they will respond, Georgia-Florida game.

I don’t know if the name changes based on who wins the year before or if the “Home Team” is listed first.  I do know that every year the home team gets to sit on the West side of the stadium, which is deemed the best side.  The East side deals with the hot sunshine for most of the game.

Florida Georgia game opposing sides of field photo by Kathy Miller

Another interesting tidbit,  even though the home side changes inside the stadium,  the parking spots do not.  This means in certain years the Georgia fans park on the East side of the stadium and have to walk around to the West Side.  The Florida fans park on the West side and have to walk to the East side for their seats.  Do you get the picture?  Lots of opposing team fans crisscrossing and walking through enemy territory.

Florida Georgia game Jacksonville Florida photo by Kathy Miller

Remember from my previous post that tickets are evenly allotted to both teams.  The stadium is one half Florida, one half Georgia.

Let’s talk tailgating!

We hosted a pregame party with our Florida friends.

Florida Georgia party at Millers photo by Kathy Miller

And included a few Georgia fans.

We arrived at the stadium ready to enjoy the day.

Florida Georgia game with Hart Bridge Jacksonville Florida photo by Kathy Miller

Adam, Rachel, James and Lizzie were on a mission.

James, Lizzy, Rachel and Gavin on a Florida mission  find Pops portable potty photo by Kathy Miller

Find Pops’ Portable Potty II.

Pops Portable Potty II  photo by Kathy Miller

Once again we had lots of good food, family, friends and football.

Tailgating with the Usual Subjects family and friends photo by Kathy Miller

Our Gator friend, Ann always wears an orange and blue fringed  top which plays to her University of Texas ties  (the other UT).

And she loves “Hook ’em Horns”.

Ann and Hook Em Horns Texas Gator fan photo by Kathy Miller

Met a trio of Georgia guys toting their own keg.

Georgia guys celebrate Florida Georgia game photo by Kathy Miller

They were a little confused by my Tennessee button.

Georgia fans with traveling keg Tennessee fan photo by Kathy Miller

Tailgating with friends from both sides of the aisle.

Trish and Clara, Aunt Vern photo by Kathy Miller

Two Florida Dazzlers, famous for their wonderful dancing at the Florida games.  The one on the right is my niece Hannah and her friend, Lissy.

Florida Dazzler Hannah Hawkins neice photo by Kathy Miller

Trish Gator Chomps which does not come naturally.  Yes, this is a Gator Grater.

Trish Gator Chomps Gator Grater photo by Kathy Miller

Once again we have 2 Florida/Texas fans doing that horn thing.

Ann and Rache Hook 'em Horns photo by Kathy Miller

How about these lovely young ladies?  I think the blue wig goes better with Gator colors.

Florida girls dressing up with wigs and all photo by Kathy Miller

Kathy and Aunt Vern show off their special cups, made by Mellie.

Kathy, Mellie and Aunt Vern show off cups photo by Kathy Miller

Mellie’s mom makes the best deviled eggs.  Click on Carla’s Gator Eggs to see recipe.

Many Georgia friends sent me their favorite tailgating recipes.  Laurie Cordell’s BBQ green beans as seen in my “Tailgating Under The Arch”  has already been a hit.  Click on the following link and “next” to see Nancy Jones’  Feta and Apple Spread.

What a delightful fall recipe.

Game time.  Georgia waits for their team.

Georgia cheerleaders waiting for their team Florida Georgia game photo by Kathy Miller

Florida storms the field.

Florida storms the field Florida Georgia game photo by Kathy Miller

Georgia responds and the crowd roars.

Georgia cheerleaders leading the team onto the field Florida Georgia game photo by Kathy Miller

Another Florida-Georgia Game.

Gator sax Florida Georgia game photo by Kathy Miller

Or is it Georgia-Florida????

Let me know.

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


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