Boys & Girls Clubs and Bobby Cox

The Boys & Girls Clubs is one of my favorite organizations.  It’s mission statement:

Boys & Girls Clubs Mission

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

 The Boys & Girls Clubs in Nassau County, Florida is a hot bed for learning, for community, and for teaching our kids to be productive adults and citizens.  Thank you to our wonderful teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers who give so much of their time and talents.

At our recent fundraiser, an auction and gala, the B&GC of Nassau County raised over $148,000!

One of the most exciting items of the night was a limited number of tickets to have lunch with Bobby Cox, retired Atlanta Braves manager.  And lunch we had!  Such a wonderful opportunity to meet a baseball legend.  To listen to his baseball reminisces.  To ask questions!  To remember special moments and special people.

Meeting Bobby Cox at the Boys & Girls Club luncheon photo by Kathy Miller

Bobby Cox is being inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame along with 2 very special Atlanta Braves pitchers, Tom Glavine and  Greg Maddux.

Bobby signed autographs and posed with the LLA,s (lucky luncheon attendees).

Bill Frank wore his Braves t shirt with Dave Miller Photo by Kathy Miller

Bill Frank wore his Braves tee shirt and had Bobby sign a Braves baseball cap; one that already had a John Smoltz signature.

Bobby Cox signing Braves cap for Bill Frank photo by Kathy Miller

Dave showing off  his Bobby Cox signed picture from an earlier time.

Singed photo of Bobby Cox with Dave and Clara Miller photo by Kathy Miller

Bill played on Bobby Cox’s first team as a manager.  He was invited to the luncheon by his daughter and son-in-law.  Bill told the story during the luncheon and received quite a welcome.

Bill a former Bobby Cox player with his daughter and son-in-law photo by Kathy Miller

Matt Millar with his father, Ted and father-in-law, Floyd Tanner sharing a laugh with Dave.

Matt Millar with family and Dave Miller photo by Kathy Miller

Ann Moser, Pam Cox,  Bill Axetell and Bill Moser.

Ann Moser, Pam Cox, Ken Axetell & Bill Moser at Bobby Cox luncheon photo by Kathy Miller

Frank and Freddie Montgomery made the trip from Madison, Mississippi.

Frank & Freddie Montgomery, Mississippi State baseball player photo by Kathy Miller

 Frank played baseball at Mississippi State.  I told them about my Tailgating Through The South painting series.  I loved Mississippi State.  We spoke about Lee Hall, The Junction and of course MSU’s famous Edam Cheese.  My Tailgating At The Junction  painting incorporates all 3, plus cow bells.

Tailgating At The Juntion Mississippi State painting by Kathy Miller

Wish we had more time to chat.

Thank you to Barksdale and Carol Ann McKay for bringing us Bobby Cox and for the wonderful pre luncheon social.

Barksdale and Carol Ann McKay photo by Kathy Miller

Ann and Bill Moser, great supporters of the B&GC.  Ann is a board member, tireless worker and was chair of the benefit.   Thank you for your service.

Ann and Bill Moser Boys & Girls Club Luncheion with Bobby Cox photo by Kathy Miller

Marie Fenn and Clara Miller, both board members.

Marie Fenn & Clara Miller (Aunt Vern) photo by Kathy Miller

 As you may recognize from many of my tailgating posts, Clara is the famous Aunt Vern.  Thank you Aunt Vern for your diligence and focus as chair of  the auction.

She also introduced Bobby Cox.  Aunt Vern loves her sports; football, basketball, Nascar, and baseball.

Clara Miller introduces Bobby Cox photo by Kathy Miller

  A photo of Clara, Dave, Glo, my fabulous mother-in-law, and me dressed in our Braves ’91 World Series tee shirts.  You can see the photo  behind her.  Braves lost, but we loved them and Bobby Cox.

Vern also got a coveted signature.

Aunt Vern getting Bobby Cox's autograph photo by Kathy Miller

A special drawing for Braves tickets

Bobby Cox draws the winning name for Braves tickets photo by Kathy Miller

And the winner is

Winner of Braves tickets photo by Kathy Miller

Bobby Cox spoke of his career as a player, as a manager and gave us interesting insights into his players and some of his decisions.

Pam and Bobby Cox with Frank Montgomery photo by Kathy Miller

He gave us a few stories of his conversations with pitchers when he would go to the mound (which usually meant they were coming out).

Bobby Cox regales us with Braves stories photo by Kathy Miller

After he finished sharing his stories he opened the floor for questions.  It was so interesting to hear from the true Braves baseball fans in attendance.

Bobby signed baseballs for all the attendees.  Our luncheon was February 15.   He told us he was so preoccupied with signing baseballs,  he gave his wife, Pam a Valentines Day Card and it was signed, Bobby Cox, H.O.F. #6

Pam Cox photo by Kathy Miller

Thank you to Bobby Cox and Pam Cox for a delightful afternoon.  Besides visiting with us for 3 hours, Pam and Bobby also made a generous donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Nassau County.

Pam and Bobby Cox with Ann Moser make a generous donation to the Boys & Girls Club Nassau photo by Kathy Miller

Bobby Cox and the Boys & Girls Clubs Nassau Board Members in attendance.

Clara Miller (Aunt Vern), Ann Moser, Bobby Cox, Marie Fenn, Joan Sheppard, and Bill Gower, President of the Boys & Girls Club Foundation.

Bobby Cox with Auction Committee for the Boys & Girls Club Nassau benefit photo by Kathy Miller

Bobby tirelessly posed with fans.

Matt Millar with family and Dave photo by Matt Millar

Ann and Bill Moser with Bobby Cox Boys & Girls Club Lunch photo by Kathy Miller

For those of you who follow my football tailgating stories, I also love baseball.  When I met Dave he watched the Atlanta Braves every night.  I knew very little of baseball, but soon became a fan.

I can tell you who played what position when I fell asleep on the couch every night waiting for the Braves to win.

Chris Chambliss played first base.  Claudell Washington, right field, followed by Brett Butler (I once sat on the first row of the upper deck and saw Brett Butler hit a home run to right field almost straight at me!).  Glenn Hubbard on second, Rafael Ramirez, shortstop.  DALE MURPHY CENTER FIELD!!  Hope he will be a Hall of Famer soon.

Bob Horner on Third, Terry Harper in left field, Bruce Benedict, catcher.

And lots of great pitchers, one of my favorite being Phil Niekro with his knuckleball.

This is what baseball does to you.  When Dave and I became engaged and had the wedding date set, he sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day.  The note said, “Even though I will be far away in Cleveland, I will always love you, Brett.”  (As in Brett Butler, lead off hitter for the Braves).

My coworkers, after reading the note spread the news through our company that someone named Brett loved me.  They wondered if I would go ahead with the wedding.

I did.


Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.  I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Dave Kempf says:

    Many years ago I published Secrets of Amelia for the YMCA of Amelia Island. The people there are so supportive of community endeavors such as the Y, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. This looked like a great event-Congratulations on meeting Hall of Fame Manager Bobby Cox.

  • sec1fan says:

    Thanks for your comment Dave. I know that book well. Also the new book for the Amelia Island Museum of History, “Meet Me On Amelia Island” published by you is a great book with lots of history and some good recipes.

  • Laurie says:


    What a great article! Loved reading about your love for the braves. I never knew. My Father in Law JD Cordell was a huge Braves fan he would be watching all of the games about the same time you and Dave where. In my sons “old” bed room there is still a Vintage Braves gum ball machine given to him by Harry Shorestien. He knew Lee was a big fan too. Great read, thanks for all you do.

  • sec1fan says:

    Oh Laurie,

    Thank you! I know you follow my football antics. I do love so many sports and more importantly the people who follow their teams. It is the passion for their teams that makes the sports world so exciting. Thank you for sharing Jim’s fathers love for the Braves. Also your son, Lee’s passion for his team. All kids bedrooms should have those special moments from their favorite teams. Lee is a singing sensation and I can’t wait to see him singing in person.

  • James says:

    Here is a great video of a Freedom Celebration performed by the Nassau County Boys and Girls Club

  • sec1fan says:

    Thanks James for attaching that video. The Boys & Girls Club Chorus is an inspiration.

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