Tailgating and the 4th of July have many similarities.  Families and friends gather together in celebration.  Many foods popular for tailgating parties are also the same ones used for 4th of July picnics and barbecues.

Tailgate Party

a festive, pre-game social event celebrated on or near stadium grounds featuring creative southern recipes, grilling competitions, colorful linens, themed decorations, fun and friendship

Tailgating in the Grove at Ole Miss photo by Kathy Miller

Yes this is a tailgate from Ole Miss.  Their color scheme sure works with red, white and blue!  Watch for my upcoming story  from the Ole Miss Grove.  Coming in August.

 4th Of July Celebration


a festive picnic or barbecue celebrated on the 4th of July to commemorate the signing of The Declaration of Independence, featuring creative recipes, colorful red, white, and blue decorations, American flags, parades and fireworks

4th of July table Camp Chimney photo by Kathy Miller

Fireworks in the North Carolina mountains!

Fireworks over Sapphire Lake photo by Kathy Miller

4th of July parties are fun everywhere, but I have spent more than my share in Cashiers, North Carolina, celebrating with friends and family.

4th of July party at Camp Chimney photo by Kathy Miller

Most begin with table settings that include lots of flags and red, white and blue.

4th of July table setting photo by Kathy Miller

Most always include a bar with our favorite beverages, including frozen strawberry daiquiris.  I like the red color.  Seems to go along with the red, white and blue color scheme.

4th of July Bar setup with American flag photo by Kathy Miller

We also know how to open those imported beer bottles.  With lots of friends from many different schools, we always try to make everyone feel at home with their fight songs.  Notice the strings.  This keeps the openers from falling off our mountain.

Beer openers Duke FSU Gators Bama and the most important Tennessee photo by Kathy Miller

Whether entertaining our long time friends from Pasadena, Phil and Laura

Phil and Laura from Pasadena California photo by Kathy Miller

or Alabama friends, Derek and Lisa

Derek and Lisa Parrish 4th of July Celebration photo by Kathy Miller

or James’ fraternity brothers from UF

James with Sigma Nu brothers, Adam, Walker and Gavin with mom photo by Kathy Miller

or friends Robin and Curt from Knoxville, Tennessee or Joanne and Rick,  great FSU fans

July 4 2007 party at Camp Chimney with Curt and Robin, Rick and Joanne and Lizzie photo by Kathy Miller

or our local Cashiers buddies,

Bill, Heather, Ann and Bog Cashiers NC photo by Kathy Miller

Ann and Terri Cashiers NC photo by Kathy Miller

 we know how to have a good time.

The food is always a big part of mountain celebrations.  Grilled local rainbow trout.

Bacon wrapped grilled Local Rainbow Trout photo by Kathy Miller

Spread butter on flesh side of rainbow trout fillets.  Place a spring onion and sprinkle freshly ground black pepper on fillets.  Fold trout back in half and place a bacon slice on each skin side, top and bottom.  Secure in 3 places with kitchen string.  Grill over medium high heat 15-20 minutes.  Time may vary depending on how many fillets you use.

Charred bacon wrapped fresh local rainbow trout photo by Kathy Miller

 A word of caution.  Dave and  I tried to grill 12 at one time and almost burned our house down.  The grill was located next to our screened porch under an upper deck.  The bacon drippings caused the fire to flare up and singed the railing.    The trout actually survived.  A little charred, but delicious on the inside!

When we get together with the Huffmans we always ask for their family specialty, Baked Spaghetti.  Phil’s grandmother’s history and recipes are the subject of a wonderful book, “At Home Charleston” by Catherine H. Forrester, Phil’s sister.   Even though the recipe is included in the book, we always like Phil to make it for us.  His just always tastes better.

Another mountain favorite is Laura’s  homemade blueberry pie, always a special treat at our parties.

Begin with fresh blueberries

Blueberries for Bluberry Pie photo by Laura Huffman

And Voila!  A perfect dessert choice.

Laura's Blueberry Pie photo by Laura Huffman

After dessert our group has been known to do a little mountain dancing.
Remember an earlier post with my buttons and crazy hats?  Well I have 4th of July hats too.

Kathy & Robin in 4th of July hats photo by Kathy Miller
Dancing With The Girls.

4th of July Dancing with the Girls photo by Kathy Miller

I am not always in Cashiers.  Sometimes I celebrate the 4th at home on Amelia Island.  Somehow my hats always follow me.

Barbara, Sue and Kathy 4th of July Amelia Island Florida photo by Kathy Miller

The main thing I celebrate every year at this time is our wonderful country’s history and struggle for independence.

America 4th of July photo by Kathy Miller

Thank you America and to all who have gone before us to insure our  freedom.  We celebrate our country and its many traditions.

Watch for more stories from the mountains during the month of July.  While many people are vacationing in special places I would like to celebrate being with family and friends.

Come August as we get ready for Football I will continue my tailgating stories.

I welcome your comments, recipes and any inside information on your favorite tailgating spots.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Joanne Astor says:

    Great Fourth of July post! We will miss seeing you this year. We’ve had many special Fourth of July celebrations together. Love all the pictures. Enjoy your family and friends. Hope to see you soon. Joanne

  • sec1fan says:

    Great memories for us as well. Friendships are all about making those special memories and then looking back on them year after year. Will miss you on the 4th.

  • Laura Huffman says:

    Another GREAT blog!! Fantastic pics. I am so very lucky to have been able to share so many 4th of July celebrations with you in these beautiful mountains of NC!

  • sec1fan says:

    Always a special time together! We look forward to seeing Steve and Alyse tomorrow. They will be making many sacrifices for our country and we appreciate those so much! Bless our friends and families and all the service men and women dedicated to preserving our freedom. Thank you!

  • Clara says:

    Wish I was in the mountains to enjoy the July 4th festivities with you. Table setting on screen porch looks great!!

  • sec1fan says:

    Wish you were here too Clara! Doesn’t seem the same without you.

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