One of the most exciting times of the year for children is Christmas.  The lights sparkling from trees, roofs and eaves; special concerts and music putting us in the Christmas spirit;  baking cookies and goodies for friends and neighbors; enjoying eggnog sitting around the fire (or sitting outside around a fire pit, if in Florida).

For many adults and kids part of the excitement stems from “It’s Bowl Time!”

We eagerly await the first college football bowl game and continue to watch until the Final National Champion is decided.

There is nothing like going to a bowl game.  And one must be dressed in his or her school colors.

While signing prints at The Plantation Shop on Amelia Island before the Florida/Georgia game, two of my favorite Gator fans, RuthAnne Hicks and Vicki May stopped by.

Vicki May and RuthAnne Hicks at The Plantation Shops Amelia Island, FL photo by Kathy Miller

RuthAnne told me about P&B Outfitters in Gainesville, Fl.  

I visited the store and met Tygh Bailes before the Florida/ South Carolina game.  The retail store is new, the online store has been in operation for 10 years.

Pennington & Bailes has just the perfect shirt, trouser or skirt for you, with or without your school logo, and always in the right colors.

“Pennington & Bailes is a family owned and operated small business specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of quality, classically styled clothing. The company was founded ten years ago as the very first company to offer college football fans an American classic alternative for game day dress.”

Fans of different colors photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Florida fans in Pennington & Bailes photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

If you remember my previous post, “Planes, Trains And Automobiles“, you know I love this photograph with the tailgating wagon.

P&B Outfitters- Alabama photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Georgia Bulldog Stadium Pants, Georgia Stadium Skirt or choose your school colors with no logos. 

Pennington & Bailes, Georgia fans photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Auburn Blue Stadium Pants

Auburn Blue Stadium Pant photo Courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Ole Miss Khaki Stadium Pants

Ole Miss Khaki Stadium Pants photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

And how about these for a confused, House Divided  fan?  Somehow don’t think these work.

Georgia/Florida confusion photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

The Arden Sheath Dress in purple is perfect for that LSU coed.

 Arden Sheath Dress photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Arden Sheath Dress photo courtesy Pennington & Bailes

The striped details on this polo shirt add a unique twist.

Stadium Polo Style shirt with or without logos photo courtesy of Pennington & Bailes

Texas Longhorn Stadium Skirt- the other UT.

Texas Longhorn Stadium Skirt photo courtesy Pennington & Bailes

My favorite, Tennessee orange stadium skirt and men’s orange and white Coaches shirt.  The gingham pattern is perfect for the Tennessee Vols as it reminds me of the checkerboard.

Tennessee Orange Stadium Skirt photo courtesy  Pennington & Bailes

I think my Tennessee fans will need something a little warmer for the TaxSlayer Bowl game in Jacksonville, Florida.

Don’t tell husband, Dave, but he is getting a Pennington & Bailes orange quarter zip sweater without logo to wear to the Tennessee/Iowa bowl game.  He can then wear it to other Orange schools….Florida Gator basketball games.

You never know what will happen at a college football game.  Pennington & Bailes got their start with a pair of University of Virginia pants at a University of South Carolina game.  (I will save that story for another day).  

Today they ship from Gainesville, Florida.

And their newly opened brick and mortar store in Gainesville, Fl, “PB Outfitters” is making Florida Gator fans very happy!  

PB Outfitters store in Gainesville, FL photo courtesy Pennington & Bailes

Please stop by to find the very best quality game day attire! 

 Or order online at Pennington & Bailes.  But hurry! Time is running out.

Photos courtesy Pennington & Bailes/ Jason Myers Photography

Game Day shirts in college colors photo courtesy Pennington & Bailes

Thank you to all who have purchased a “Tailgating Through The South” print.  Once again you have made my year!

(And FYI the guy in the “Tailgating In The Swamp” painting,  lower right is son, James wearing Pennington & Bailes Gator pants.)

Tailgating In The Swamp painting by Kathy Miller

For your tailgating friends remember Loran Smith’s “Spread Formation” makes a great gift.  Available at The Plantation Shop or online here.

Watch for upcoming stories from my tailgating travels.

I will be in Jacksonville for the Tennessee/Iowa Taxslayer Bowl game.  Stop by to visit.  We’ll be in Lot M.

I’ll save you a seat at the table.



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