Happy 4th of July!!!!  I promised you the story about my prized PBR bench and I thought since Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans are red, white and blue this would be perfect timing.

My father, James Lovett, loved his beer and he drank only PBR. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer…and only in tallboy cans.  He was known at the local distributor as he always picked up his tallboys personally.

 The Hambrights, Kennedys, Lovetts and Smiths spent many 4th of Julys, Labor Days, and camping trips celebrating together.  Yes my father’s the one holding the PBR tallboy!

BB&B Reunion party photo by Kathy Miller

One October the kids, now grown, decided to throw a party celebrating our family friendship.

We called it ye olde BB&B reunion. And in honor of dad Holly was drinking a tallboy PBR.

BBB party reunion with kids now all grown up photo by Kathy Miller

Over the years I have collected PBR paraphernalia in honor of my father.  My favorite is an antique PBR bench found in a tiny store in Walhalla, South Carolina.  My friend Robin and I were antique shopping and she said, “Kathy you just have to buy this.”  It was not cheap.  I tried to negotiate  the price, but the proprietor would not budge. I said, “I can’t pay that for a bench.”  We left the store.  Robin finally talked me into going back to the store and paying full price.  We did.  We loaded it in her van and took it home to our porch in the mountains.

Robin and Kathy on PBR bench photo by Kathy Miller

To this day I have not told Dave how much I paid for that old bench.  It is priceless!

The bench has followed me to each of our mountain homes and now resides in Florida!

Parks and Kaki celebration the red white and blue and PBR photo by Kathy Miller

Even Parks likes my bench!

I decorated my mailbox for the 4th of July and decided to include a couple of PBR tallboys in the design (after seeing something similar on Pinterest. ) I think of my dad every time I look at it.

PBR tallboys in my 4th of July mailbox decoration photo by Kathy Miller

It will also participate in our community golf cart parade on the 4th!

4th of July Golf Cart Parade ready photo by Kathy Miller

Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July! What are you doing on the 4th?  Share some stories and photos!

 Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.


  • Janet says:

    You know I love all the family history!
    I see where you get your joyous personality.
    What fun to have the PBR Bench and I’m sure it was worth every penny.
    Happy 4th from Vermont.
    Wonderful Boat Parade on Lake yesterday.
    Fun with friends and family today🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thank you Janet! Know you had the best 4th of July boat parade at Camp Winape! Love your Vermont home

  • Robin Leonard says:

    Kathy absolutely had to have that bench. I was not going to let it get away!! It has been worth every penny…especially since I didn’t have to pay for it. 😉😂

    • KathyMillerTime says:

      I love telling this story!
      We had such fun. I sit on this bench a lot and of course with a glass of wine. Wish you were with me sharing a glass!

  • Kay Fillingim says:

    Love the memories!! ❤️

    • Kathy Miller says:

      I love telling this story! We had such fun. I sit on this bench a lot and of course with a glass of wine. Wish you were with me sharing a glass!

  • Bobbie Beautiful says:

    I am charmed! And love the PBR bench purchase story. Happy Fourth and sending love to Dave and you!

    • KathyMillerTime says:

      Thank you Bobbie Beautiful! You’ll have to come visit and we’ll sit on the bench and have a glass of wine! Happy 4th to you !🇺🇸❤️💙🇺🇸

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