Flow 2021 Virtual Spring Art Show March 20- April 18

The first annual 2021 Flow Spring Art Show is open!

Exhibit Open: March 20 – April 18, 2021

Show Description: The 1st Annual Flow Spring Art Show brings together talented artists from around the world to celebrate the intrinsic joy found in the creative process. Over 265 artists and 775 original works of art have been created by members of an artists collective called Flow Membership with Dreama Tolle Perry. With the intention of bringing more beauty to the world, these artists have thoughtfully prepared a visual feast for your eyes and soul.

In April 2020, I joined a new artists collective created by Dreama Tolle Perry.  As per her website,

“Flow Membership is her newest creation and has been designed with the specific needs of the artist in mind. Monthly content to keep you coming back week after week and tapping into your creative flow. Using her 35 years of experience as a painter and instructor, she has created content to inspire you throughout the entire year.”

After painting with acrylics for many years, I decided to take a stab with oils, using Dreama’s alla prima method which is defined as wet-on-wet.  Layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of transparent paint.  Used mostly in oil painting, the technique requires a fast way of working, because the work has to be finished before the first layers have dried.  The kicker for me was 2 fold…I paint with acrylics which dry much faster than oils and I am a slow painter.  I experimented with a slower drying acyrlic paint, Golden Open, but decided to bite the bullet and paint with oils instead.  It took a good bit of experimenting to get the hang of painting with oil, but I am loving it.

I am excited to share with you the 1st Annual Flow Spring Art Show.  Click on the link below to visit my artist profile.

And I also encourage you to click here to view all 200+ artists who entered the show.  Enjoy!

View my  entries  below along with pricing.  Easy to ship!

Email me to purchase kathy@kathymillertime.com or click on each link below for additional information

Pink Flowers, 6″x 8″ Oil on Archival Italian Linen Panel


These pink flowers just seem to flow.  This size is perfect as a gallery grouping on a wall or just sitting on a shelf in your bookcase

Pink flowers, 6"x8" original oil painting by Kathy Miller

Marsh Sunrise, 8″x 10″ Oil on Museum Gessoboard Panel

$275 SOLD

Every day I look out over our marsh and think it will never be prettier…and then another day comes and the marsh is even more beautiful.  The marsh is ever changing and I never get tired of painting scenes of its beauty.

Our home faces southeast and the marsh lights up as the sun rises in the east and moves across the sky to set in the west…This boat sits high on its dock lift just waiting for the next fishing excursion.

Marsh Sunrise 8"x10" oil on museum quality panel original painting by Kathy Miller

Lunch In Provence, 6″x 8″ Oil on Archival Italian Linen Panel


This was inspired by a photo of the La Colombe D’Or restaurant in St. Paul de Vence, France.  Sandra Sallin writes a delightful blog, Apart from my Art, and this photo is from her post…“Lights! Camera!Picasso!…and Me.”  She writes, “Painters in the region, who would later become famous, paid for their meals by giving their artwork to the owners.”  This is my version of a favorite lunch spot.

Lunch in Provence original oil painting by Kathy Miller

Thank you for taking the time to see not only my paintings, but also paintings from many talented artists who have joined together as an artists collective called Flow Membership with Dreama Tolle Perry.   For more information about Dreama’s Flow group visit here .

Spring Registration for Flow Opens April 8, 2021! Lot’s of encouragement for all levels.


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