Living on an island on the  east coast has its many perks… especially the scenery.  Beauty to the east…the ocean, Beauty to the west…the marsh and the intracoastal waterway.

Inspiration for paintings come from every direction!  I have painted many marsh landscapes as I look out over the marsh from my backyard.

The spectacular sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean always leave me thankful for another day.

My first Amelia Sunrise a 36″x36″ painting was playful with its brightly colored blues and oranges…I love the many shades of blue and of course orange is a favorite color….This one sold to a special customer.

As any artist knows, each painting is special.  After hours of perfecting the concept, composition, colors, tone, and atmosphere it is time to let it go.

Amelia Sunrise Original painting by Kathy Miller

 I decided to paint Amelia Sunrise II, using a different approach to the color and mood. Many sunrises are glorious…lots of yellow and corals, but also dark blues and blacks as the sun has not risen far enough over the horizon to light up the ocean and sky.

Amelia Sunrise II

36″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas

Frame – Wood Silver Leaf
1-1/4” canvas floater.
Framed size 37 3/4″ x 37 3/4″

Inspired by an Amelia Island Sunrise


Amelia Sunrise II original painting by Kathy Miller

Another sunrise….another painting.  For more information contact

Friends and family discount will apply.

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a spot on the beach.




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