Vermont and the North Carolina Mountains are refreshing during the summer and a great place to get away from our Florida heat and humidity… This year Dave and I decided to travel in mid August during the Florida upper 90 degrees temperatures. The year before we went  after Labor Day to enjoy the cool early fall without all the summer crowds.  September is a great month…the kids are back in school, the crowds are down, the weather is starting to cool and even though the leaves have just barely started to change colors one feels fall is in the air.  The produce stands have lots of fall veggies and of course pumpkins of every shape and color!

October is even better with the leaves showing those glorious colors!

When driving from Florida to Vermont, we always look for fun places to stay.  Our route this year included a 2 day stopover in the N. C. mountains with sisters, Clara and Liz with first a stop in Columbia, SC to break up the trip.

I like to include photos of great dishes we find along the way and descriptions so you can try to reproduce them.  When I actually make these items, I’ll include the recipe.

Dinner in Columbia was a great surprise.  Our hotel recommended a sushi place for dinner…you know one of those small places in a strip center.  It was absolutely fabulous. Suishaya Asian Restaurant and Bar. I love a cucumber wrapped sushi roll and the Naruto Spicy Tuna and Avocado Wrapped in Cucumber was perfect.

Naruto Spicy Tuna and Avocado wrapped in cucumber photo by Kathy Miller

Spicy Girl Maki – Spicy salmon, avocado inside topped with fresh tuna with special sauce and tobiko on top.  Front roll.

Spicy Girl Maki -Spicy salmon, avocado inside topped with fresh tuna with special sauce photo by Kathy Miller

And Rainbow Maki – California maki (avocado) topped with a variety of fish, salmon, tuna and a white fish.  Look at the artistry of the “Rainbow”.

Spicy Girl Rainbow Roll photo by Kathy Miller

On to the North Carolina mountains and the great hikes and beautiful cool days were such a relief and got us in the mood for our fun route north.

Hike in North Carolina mountains photo by kathy Miller

North Carolina mountain hike photo by Kathy Miller

Old house in North Carolina mountains photo by Kathy Miller

Our after hike stop for lunch was Booneshine Brewery in Bonne, NC.  Love the name Booneshine!

We loved the salad with fried chickpeas.  We added a burger as our protein.

Salad at Booneshine Brewery photo by Kathy Miller

Mixed Greens | Against The Grain sunflower sprouts, onion jam, blistered tomatoes, pickled sweet peppers, fried chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and shaved parmesan. | 15

Next stop, Carlisle, PA and another stay at a favorite B&B,  Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast.

Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast photo by Kathy Miller

Barn at Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast photo by Kathy Miller

You can read all about it here in a previous post.  With new owners/inn keepers, Kyle, Robin, Kevin, and Amy we enjoyed our breakfast on the way up and the way down!

We enjoyed breakfast beginning with juice and a strawberry mousse.

Strawberry Mousse and tomato juice photo by Kathy Miller

A  Savory Dutch Baby was next and quite delicious.  We chose the Savory over the Sweet version.  Dutch Babies are traditionally made with a simple egg and flour batter and baked in a cast iron skillet.  Our version was flavoured with thyme and baked in a flan pan with a spinach garnish on top.

Dutch Baby Savory with thyme and Spinach photo by Kathy Miller

Dutch Baby in flan pan with thyme and spinach photo by Kathy Miller

Dinner plans included a stop at One13 Social, an upscale casual restaurant in the heart of downtown Carlisle.

We loved the Gem Salad: Radicchio, Cucumber, Shaved Carrots, Balsamic Marinated Red Peppers, Roasted Nuts, Croutons, House Vinaigrette.   I love the Rabbit ear carrots!Gem Salad at One13Social photo by Kathy Miller

Right around the corner from the Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast is the Garden Gate Farm Market…a stop we always make time for.  The produce is all local and so fresh.  I love the Pennsylvania Sourdough Pretzels, so famous in this part of the country. I always take some home with me as gifts!

Sour dough Pretzels Pennsylvania style photo by Kathy Miller

Garden Gate Farm Market in Carlise PA photo by Kathy Miller

Fall Flowers

Fall flowers at The Garden Gate Farm Market photo by Kathy Miller

We all know Georgia and South Carolina Peaches are famous…but the Pennsylvania peaches and orchards are wonderful.

Pennsylvania peaches photo by Kathy Miller

Pennsylvania peaches in Amish Country photo by Kathy Miller

Apples at Garden Gate Farm Market photo by Kathy Miller

Corn at Garden Gate Farm Market photo by Kathy Miller

Local local local photo by Kathy Miller

I hope you don’t mind all the photos of the Farm Market, but this one is such a treat…out on a 2 lane road surrounded by small farms and field after field of corn.  And in the midst of Amish Country.

Watch for next installment…our continuing trip to upstate New York and The St. Lawrence River and on to Vermont.

Come celebrate with me.   I’ll save you a seat at the table.


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