For years I have had a Kitchen Christmas tree…a small tree filled with a collection of Tutti Frutti Fairy ornaments.  These whimsical ornaments feature fruit fairies…different fruits as the bodies each holding something inspired by that fruit.  This year I have decorated a flocked tree that sits between a buffet and the kitchen.

Tutti Frutti Christmas tree photo by Kathy Miller

Flocked tree with Tutti Fruity Faires perfect for the kitchen

The Plum Fairy is stirring a bowl of Plum Pudding of course.

Plum Pudding Fairy photo by Kathy Miller

The Pear Fairy holds a Christmas tree

Pear Fairy from the Tutti Frutti Collection photo by Kathy Miller

Strawberry Fairy holds a bag of something…maybe gold!

Strawberry Fairy photo by Kathy Miller

The Grape Fairy is one of my favorites and is holding a bottle of wine (of course)!

Grape Fairy holding a bottle of wine photo by Kathy Miller

The Lemon Fairy holds a cup of tea.

Lemon Fairy holding a cup of tea photo by Kathy Miller

The Pineapple Fairy holds a welcoming wreath for the door…The pineapple is a symbol of welcome to one’s home.

Pineapple Fairy holding a welcoming wreath

The Apple Fairy is just soaring with delight

Apple Fairy ornament

The Orange Fairy brings an orange iced pound cake

Orange Fairy ornament

Inspired by these special Christmas ornament collection of fruit fairies, I have painted petite fairies to be nestled in your kitchen Christmas tree or attached to a wreath or featured in one of your table decorations.

These 6 paintings are 4″x 4″ and come with a gold easel… to set on a special table or grouped together as a series…

specially priced at $50

And yes if you been counting we’re up to 13 Days of Christmas!  Like a baker’s dozen

“STRAWBERRY FAIRY”…carrying a bag of gold

Strawberry Fairy with a bag of gold painting by Kathy Miller

This is “PLUM FAIRY” stirring her plum pudding

Plum Fairy stirring her plum pudding painting by Kathy Miller

“Pear Fairy” holding a bottle of pear nectar???

Pear Fairy original painting by Kathy Miller

“GRAPE FAIRY” with her bottle of wine

Grape Fairy painting by Kathy Miller

“LEMON FAIRY”  side by side with her sister on the tree.

Lemon Fairy original painting by Kathy Miller

“PINEAPPLE FAIRY ” with her welcoming wreath

Pineapple Fairy painting by Kathy Miller

I hope you have enjoyed these whimsical fairies as much as I have in their painting process.  I have placed them on my tree for over 20 years.

To order:

Season’s Greetings from our table to yours!

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the easel.


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