Trend alert….Rattan and wicker are showing up in interior design, mixing and matching with traditional furnishings or in eclectic mashing with more modern design.

Rattan furniture is solely made of rattan material, a natural plant fiber, known for its durability and flexibility.  Because of its flexibility, chairs with curved arms are made from rattan.

Wicker furniture can be made with a combination of material, both natural and synthetic.

Bamboo is a hard cane and cannot be curved, seen mostly in chests, tables and cabinets.

I’ve always been a fan of mixing in bamboo pieces in my home and have collected small cabinets and table for years.

Now I’m seeing rattan chairs, settees, sofas and console tables all over Instagram.  And some newer looks with wicker chandeliers and even wall sconces.  I love using these natural fibers to warm up a room.

Part I in this 2 part series explores wicker and natural woven light pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces.  Enjoy the photos below…from Pinterest and Instagram

Single wicker light chandelier

Rattan light pendants

wicker chandelier in the living area

Wicker chandelier and rattan chairs

round wicker pendant

Wicker chandelier

Wicker pendants photo from pinterest

wicker pendants in the kitchen

Colorful woven wicker wall sconces, Paon lights from Colonel in Paris.

wicker wall sconces from Colonel

Loved the woven pendant and rattan chair and ottoman in the baby’s nursery.  Very organic feeling.

wicker in nursery

Watch for Part II of the Rattan and Wicker series showcasing many chairs, settees and wicker console tables…

Come celebrate with me.  I’ll save you a seat at the table…in wicker chairs of course!



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