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Patina Farm kitchen by Brooke and Steve Giannetti

My first exposure to  the reemergence of the sink skirt came while researching ideas for our kitchen remodel.  I bought the coffee table book, Patina Farm showcasing the architecture and design of Steve and Brooke Giannetti.

Skirted sink Belgian linen from Brooke Giannetti Patina Farm

From their website…

“Patina Farm – Ojai CA…Inspired by European country homes, the design of Patina Farm combines Mediterranean architecture with a modern sensibility of space.

Antique building materials, including antique French terra cotta roof tiles and vintage barn beams,  are juxtaposed with more contemporary details such as sheets of glass and steel windows. ”

Begian linen skirt sink Brooke Giannetti

I loved the wood floors in their home and used similar French Oak wide plank floors in our kitchen and throughout the house.  Even though we took a different direction in our kitchen design choosing countertops with the feeling of the ocean waves and oyster shells, I remembered their use of natural linen sink skirt.

Old fashioned, yet fresh…an old design trick used in modern ways.

After touring the Southern Living Idea House on Crane Island off Amelia Island, I once again was fascinated with Heather Chadduck’s use of sink skirts…One in the pantry and 2 in guest bathrooms.

SL Idea House Pantry with skirt

Skirted sink in SL Idea house photo by Kathy Miller

Skirted sink Heather Chadduck Southen Living Idea House guest bath

I began watching for images of skirt sinks and found they were all over Instagram and Pinterest…

Thought you would enjoy seeing the many combinations, colorations and fabric patterns…Most photos from Instagram and Pinterest.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera kitchen with skirted sink

Nora Murphy Country House style

Nora Murpy Country House Style

French farmhouse of Ruth Gay of Chateau Domingue

French farmhouse of Ruth Gay of Chateau Domingue

French rustic farmhouse

Old design trick that seems fresh again

Captains house in Southport Long Island Bety Shiverick Interiors

Burlap beauty skirted sink

Sink skirt Revival old ideas that seem fresh

How about a little stripes?

Sink Skirt Revival

Interestin stripe sink skirt

Striped skirt sink

Striped sink skirts cover a lot of mess

Fresh and modern with white sink skirt

Sink skirt 5

Old fashioned skirt sink

Retro under the counter sink skirt

Someone tell me if this is an old brick oven/fireplace with a sink and plumbing added!

Was that an old stove fireplace next to skirt sink?

Skirted sinks in the bath…

Bathroom skirted sink Brooke Giannetti

Sink Skirt Revivaql 2

Bath sink skirt revival 1

Skirted sink AD

Skirted sink coral and the sea

Modern and rustic bathroom with skirt sink Brooke Giannetti

Sink skirts add texture

Jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke with colorful bathroom and patterned sink skirt

Jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke with colorful bathroom and patterned sink skirt

And the skirts are not limited to just the kitchen and bathroom…in this study, studio the Belgian linen under the counter skirt adds texture.  Steve and Brooke Giannetti.

a skirted under th counter works in study too

And after this post was published we had dinner at Canyon Kitchen in Lonesome Valley, Cashiers, NC.

A trip to the bathroom…voila a SKIRTED SINK!

Kathy and the skirted sink at Canyon Kitchen bathroom photo by Kathy Miller

A little new, a little old, a little retro, a combination of rustic and modern!
Come celebrate with me…I’ll save you a seat at the table, skirted of course!



  • Kathy Miller says:

    A big thank you for all the emails about your memories of Skirted Sinks. One friend wrote that her great grandparents had a house in the NC mountains, coming in the summers to escape LA heat. The house is still in the family and has a few skirted sinks…from the 1940’s!

  • Kathy Miller says:

    Another friend told me she remembered her mother having a kidney shaped skirted vanity…the arms would open out! I remember having one of those. We received it at Christmas and loved it. Thought we were so grown up!
    Thank you for all the emails and comments!

    • Robin Leonard says:

      I had the same skirted vanity in my bedroom. The fabric was pink cabbage roses! The arms opened out and there was a drawer behind the arms. It was my secret hiding place for years!! 💓

      • Kathy Miller says:

        Your skirted vanity sounds a little fancier than ours. and I do remember the drawer! I bet lots of girls had these.

        See Kay’s comment below!

  • Kay Fillingim says:

    Yes, Daddy made our vanity and Mom made the skirt. Sounds similar to Robin’s. Wish we had a picture!

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