After a long hot summer, we like to take an end of the summer or early fall trip…a favorite is to Vermont and Maine. And as many southerners know, September and even October  can be just as hot as August.  September in Vermont and Maine can be perfect…and with less crowds.  Even better, visit in October to enjoy leaf season.

We started in Dorset, Vermont, a quaint town known for its white clapboard houses, inns, marble quarries, barns and a great farmers market.

One of a top priority when traveling…


When visiting Dorset, Vermont we always make a short trip south to Williamstown, Massachusetts to see the incredible Clark  museum…The Clark.   Click here to visit their web site.

Pierre-August Renoir- A Box at the Theater photo by Kathy Miller

Pierre-Auguste Renoir…”A Box at the Theater”

“In 1950 Sterling and Francine Clark chartered the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute as a home for their extensive art collection.  Opened to the public in 1955, the Clark has built upon this extraordinary group of works to become one of the most beloved and respected art museums in the world, known for its intimate galleries and stunning natural environment.”

The first time I visited I was astounded…just thought I was going to see an ordinary museum…I discovered “The Clark is best known for its holdings of important French Impresssionist, Old Master and American Paintings.”    The permanent collection contains paintings and sculptures by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, Berthe Morisot, Pierre Bonnard, Vincent van Gogh, and American artists…Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Frederick Remington, George Inness, John Singer Sargent, plus many many more!

We were lucky to catch a special exhibit, “Women Artists In Paris, 1850-1900”  This exhibit ran June 9- Sept 3… I’m including a few of the paintings in this exhibit below…

Women Artists In Paris 1850-1900, The Clark photo by Kathy Miller

One of my favorites…Cecilia Beaux “Sita and Sirita (Woman with a Cat)” on loan from Musee d’Orsay

Cecilia Beaux-Sita and Sirita (Woman with a Cat) photo by Kathy Miller

Mary Cassatt-Autumn-Portrait of Lydia Cassatt

Mary Cassatt-Autumn-Portrait of Lydia Cassatt photo by Kathy Miller

Berthe Morisot-The Artist’s Daughter, Julie with her Nanny

Berthe Morisot-The Artist's Daughter, Julie with her Nanny photo by Kathy Miller

This exhibit was wonderful, but even better is the entire museum’s permanent collection.

From The Clark’s permanent collection…

The Clark has one of the best collections of Renoirs I have seen in one place.  I counted 24…

My favorite Pierre-Auguste Renoir…”A Box at the Theater”

Pierre-August Renoir- A Box at the Theater photo by Kathy Miller

Three favorite Renoirs

3 favorite Renoirs at The Clark Museum photo by Kathy Miller

Pierre-Auguste Renoir…”A Sleeping Girl”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Sleeping Girl photo by Kathy Miller

Pierre-Auguste Renoir…”Woman Crocheting”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Woman Crocheting

Pierre-Auguste Renoir…”Onions”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Onions

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-“Peonies”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Peonies

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-“Self Portrait”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Self Portrait

A wall of Renoirs

A wall of Renoirs-The Clark

John Singer Sargent- “Fumee d’Ambre Gris (Smoke of Ambergris)

John Singer Sargent-"Fumee d'Ambre Gris (Smoke of Amergris)

John Singer Sargent- “Carolus-Duran”

John Singer Sargent- Carolus-Duran

Edgar Degas-“Little Dancer Aged Fourteen”

Edgar Degas-Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

Little Dancer  Bronze with gauze tutu and silk ribbon…Loved the actual fabric!

Edgar Degas-Little Dancer Bronze with gauze tutu and silk ribbon

Degas bronze dancer unclose of gauze tutu and silk ribbon photo by Kathy Miller

Edgar Degas-“Dancers in the Classroom”

Edgar Degas-Dancers in the Classroom photo by Kathy Miller

Paul Gauguin-“Young Christian Girl”

Paul Gauguin-Young Christian Girl photo by Kathy Miller

Pierre Bonnard-“Women with a Dog”

Pierre Bonnard-Women with a Dog photo by Kathy Miller

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec-Jane Avril

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec-Jane Avril

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Carmen”

Carmen-painting by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

Thomas Gainesborough-“Elizabeth and Thomas Linley”

Thomas Gainesborough-Elizabeth and Thomas Linley

Attributed to Rembrandt van Rijn- “Man Reading”

Attributed to Rembrandt van Rijn

Claude Monet-“Tulip Fields at Sassenheim”

Claude Monet-"Tulip Fields at Sassenheim

Claude Monet-The Cliffs at Etretat

Claude Monet-The Cliffs at Etretat

Camille Pissarro-“The River Oise near Pontoise”

Camille Pissarro-The River Oisa near Pontoise photo by Kathy Miller

Vincent van Gogh- “Terrace in the Luxembourg Gardens”

Vincent van Gogh- Terrace in the Luxembourg Gardens

George Inness- “A Pastoral”

George Inness- A Pastoral

And a spectacular Winslow Homer…


Winslow Homer- Undertow

Winslow Homer-“West Point, Prout’s Neck”

Winslow Homer-West Point, Prout's Neck

Auguste Rodin-The Thinker-Modeled 1880, Cast 1906 Bronze

Auguste Rodin-The Thinker-Modeled 1880, Cast 1906 Bronze

Jean-Leon Gerome-Snake Charmer

Jean-Leon Gerome-Snake Charmer

Domenico Ghirlandaio- Portrait of a Lady

Domenico Ghirlandaio- Portrait of a Lady

My favorite room…More Renoirs and a wall of Monets

More Renoirs and a wall of Monets

This is just a few of the wonderful works of art at The Clark.

And back to the present…and Dorset, Vermont…look at what’s happening On The Dorset Green this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 6&7.  A TASTE OF AUTUMN! Cohosted by 3 Pears Gallery and The Dorset Union Store.  Love all the artwork from 3 Pears Gallery!

4th annual Taste of Autumn On The Dorset Green
Saturday & Sunday, October 6 & 7, 12-4pm
3 Pears Gallery and The Dorset Union Store
are decked out to celebrate autumn in Vermont
as we co-host the 4th annual
Columbus weekend event on the Green.
3 Pears Gallery will open its Fine Art Vermont Foliage Show
with Autumnal Artisan Gifts.
Enjoy complimentary
fall desserts and hot cider.
The Dorset Union Store will beoffering
outdoor seating, BBQ Pulled Pork
Grilled Items – Baked Goods
and hosting Free Tastings
of Vermont Products
with a focus on those made in Dorset.
Outdoor live music Saturday and Sunday from 12-3pm
3 Pears Gallery brings you the beauty of Vermont
Leslie Parke, Fall Light, Oil on Canvas, 44″ x 64″ $22,000
Luigi Lucioni, Fruit In Velvet #2, 1960, Oil on Canvas, 13″ x 17″ $27,500
Ken Rush, Rise, Oil on Canvas, 48″x60″ $11,500
Jim Rodgers, Fall Afternoon In Pawlet, Oil on Panel, 18″x24″ $4,700
Steve Kovach, September Song I,
Oil on Canvas, 36″x24″ $3,900
Steve Kovach, September Song II,
Oil on Canvas, 36″x24″ $3,900
Mary Iselin, Break Time Lose Hay, Oil on Linen, 24″x36″ $3,500
Tina Palmer, Walking Together, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″x48″ $5,200
Jim Rodgers, Fox in Fall, Oil on Panel, 14″x11″ $2,500
Deborah Cotrone, Into The Valley, Oil on Linen, 14″x18″ $3,400
Steve Kovach, Dorset Field, Oil on Panel, 24″x60″ $6,700
Jim Rodgers, On The Pitch, Oil on Panel, 16″x12″ $2,500
John Clarke Olson, Autumn Glow, Plymouth Vermont, Oil on Panel, 12″x24″ $1,275
Gigi Begin, What A Hoot, Acrylic on Reclaimed 1800’s Board, 22″x34″ $1,100
Carol Fortunato, Market Oranges, Oil on Canvas, 12″x16″ $2,400
Caryn King, Sam The Squirrel, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″x16″ Oval $900
Dale Rogers, Crow Key, cor-ten steel with painted steel crow, 5’7″Hx3’Wx2″5″D $2,500
Tony Schwartz, Foggy Morning III 1/10
Limited edition signed & numbered, 30.3″x23″ $1,200
Carol Maclaury, Queen Bee, sterling silver necklace, $150
Cheryl Gutmaker, Fused glass serving bowl with tongs, 14″ Diameter, $210
Susi Ryan, Hand felted wool chipmunk with berry, 5″ In Height, $150
Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics, Hand thrown and glazed pottery,
Fall Leaves Bowl, 7.5″ Diameter, $75
Jeanette Staley, Hooligans, Pete’s Stand NH,
Original artwork print hand applied on wooden block, 5.5″x5.5″ $70
Susi Ryan, Hand felted snowy owl, 8″in height, $150
Rebecca Sparks Pottery, Hand thrown bird & leaf mug, 5.25″ H, $44
Wit & Whimsy, Fox and Fall, Original artwork printed directly on wood, 14″x11″ $70
3 Pears Gallery – Telephone: 802-770-8820 email: gregorydeluca@gmail


Watch for more stories from our Vermont and Maine travels.  Fall is the perfect time!



  • Bob says:

    Wow, Kathy. What a treat to see pictures of all the artwork!

    • Kathy Miller says:

      It was spectacular Bob…and I didn’t even scratch the surface with my photos. The Clark also has an impressive silver collection.

  • Sue Braddock says:

    I’ve never heard of the Clark — what an incredible collection!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thanks for your comment Sue. We go every time we visit Vermont, because it is such a treat. They also had an Ironwork exhibit, showcasing iron used for shop signs. And their silver collection is huge.

  • Charlie Albright says:

    Kathy Miller strikes again. Great job Kathy

  • Dave Miller says:

    The Clark Museum is so wonderful. It is always a treat to see the Renoir originals again. We were so fortunate to see the “Women artists in Paris” traveling exhibit. We loved Cecilia Beaux’s Woman With a Cat. I also think she may be a distant relative.

    • Kathy Miller says:

      I’d like to claim her as a relative… except she is on your side of the family. Means I didn’t get any of the artist’s painting genes!

  • Cynthia Gaines says:

    “Dawset” was a town close to where I lived and loved going there.
    The art you show is a feed I want to go back to over and over and over again. My goodness… such painters and sculptors… takes my breath away.
    Thank you!!!

    • Kathy Miller says:

      Thank you Cynthia! Didn’t know you lived near there. A great little town with a great center street…The Dorset Green. Several nice inns, a great general store, the Dorset Playhouse…and several nice restaurants.

  • Janet says:

    Kathy, I am so excited about the Clark, now I have to come down from the Northeast Kingdom to experience such a Gallery. I can not believe all the artist represented. I love Dorset and can’t wait to come down next summer.
    Thanks so much for broadening our horizons.

    • Kathy Miller says:

      You will love The Clark. It took about an hour at most from Dorset. I try to visit every time I am in Dorset. Missed you and Camp Winape this summer though!

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